Treatment of Allergic Respiratory Conditions with Antihomotoxic Remedies

Treatment of Allergic Respiratory Conditions with Antihomotoxic Remedies

A summary abstract, original by: Werner Frase, M.D.

Reprint from Medicina Biologica, Vol. 2, April-June 2002, 52-54.


The basis of antihomotoxic preparations in allergic respiratory conditions is to stabilize the mucous membranes, thereby normalizing their response to allergens. In general, an oral treatment combines Tartephedreel, Drosera-Homaccord and Husteel. Seven (7) drops of each in a little water 3x/day before meals is a general protocol. The use of this protocol for bronchial problems contributes a broncodilating effect by acting in a spasmolytic capacity. The frequent use of such a protocol can greatly diminish the need for conventional medicine and reduce the frequency and/or duration of the condition. You will find below a list of recommended preparations along with their respective properties and indications.


BRONCHALIS-HEEL/BRONKEEL Bronchitis, catarrh, chronic bronchitis
COENZYME COMP/UBICOENZYME Dysfunction of the Krebs cycle
DROSERA-HOMACCORD Cough, bronchitis, spasm with cough
ECHINACEA COMPOSITUM Immune stimulation, bacterial infections
ENGYSTOL Immune modulator, viral infections
GALIUM-HEEL Activates immune system in chronic cases
HISTAMIN-INJEEL Modulates histamine release in allergic mechanism of the mucous membranes
HUSTEEL Cough from varied pathology, spastic bronchitis
IGNATIA-HOMACCORD Reduces symptoms, sedative
MUCOSA COMPOSITUM Drainage of mucous membranes
TARTEPHEDREEL Bronchial conditions with spasm
TRAUMEEL Localized inflammation from various etiology
UBICHINON COMPOSITUM Enzymatic dysfunction, stimulation of oxygen metabolism
URTICA-INJEEL Conditions of the mucous membranes, urticaria