Collagen Medical Devices

Collagen Medical Devices


What are Guna Collagen Medical Devices?

Guna Collagen Medical Devices represent an innovative injection treatment for osteo-arthromyo-fascial pathologies. Their main action is exerted by a local supplementation of collagen, while a secondary supportive pharmacological action is exerted by auxiliary substances. Due to the fact that their main action on the human body is mechanical, these products are classified as Medical Devices (Dir. 93/42, art. 1). This range of products is made up of 13 specific Medical Devices (MD). Each one contains collagen of biological origin and a specific excipient of natural origin (minerals, vitamins, trace elements or herbals), allowing an efficient and specific positioning on site.

Each product is presented in a box of 10 vials
of 2ml each, for subcutaneous, intradermal, periarticular, intraarticular and intramuscular (local muscles) use. The local administration of Collagen exerts a primary action as mechanical support of the involved area, in order to replace, strengthen, restructure and protect the musculoskeletal tissues by improving the structure of collagen fibres and – consequently – of all anatomical structures in which it is present.

The auxiliary substances exert a secondary, supportive action. Each ancillary has been chosen for its specific tropism for one or more tissues, as documented by clinical evidence, literature or traditional knowledge. The auxiliary substance guarantees an efficient delivery and positioning of the collagen in the specific target area (Collagen Delivery System).


Seven of these MD are specific for individual anatomical skeletal areas and their related disorders:

One is specific for the sciatic nerve:

Five others that are specific for diseases affecting tissues of meso-dermal origin:

Guna Collagen Medical Devices represent the ideal treatment tool in 3 types of clinical cases in orthopedics-traumatology:

  • Overuse pathologies;
  • Aging processes that affect the tissues derived from the mesoderm, such as bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and, in general, in the ailments of the extra-cellular matrix;
  • Degenerative phenomena secondary to chronic inflammatory processes of traumatic origin.

Guna Collagen Medical Devices are intended to:

  • Support the physiological repair of the tissue damaged by injury;
  • Improve the structure of collagen fibers and – consequently – of all anatomical structures in which it is present;
  • Provide mechanical support to the district concerned;
  • Protect tissues of the Musculoskeletal System from the results of overuse, aging processes or traumatic events;
  • Relieve localized pain, as an indirect consequence of reinforcing and stabilizing the affected tissues.
Flow chart of events occuring after overuse,
aging and injury which affect collagen fibers, and
positioning of Guna Collagen Medical Devices.
Crhonobiology of tissue repair processes of the Muscoskeletal System.A short inflammatory phase is followed by a proliferative (repair) phase, then a remodeling phase. The tissue becomes more fibrous and the collagen fibers begin to re-organize in a linear way, increasing their tensile strenght. The fibrous tissue is then transformed into an adhesive scar tissue. The remodeling phase continues for up to a year following the pathological event.

In other words, collagen is the prerequisite for the activation of the repair process of all the body tissues.

Action Mechanism of Guna Collagen Medical Devices.

Collagen is the most abundant protein of the human body and it is the main component of dermis, tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, muscles and the extracellular matrix, where it acts as a bioscaffold.

In all cases of osteo-arthro-myo-fascial pathologies caused by overuse, aging and injury, the most evident result is the loss of integrity of the collagen fibres which appear neither longer organized in a linear way nor parallel to one another and may display lacerations.

The damaged tissue undergoes a long multiphase recovery process during which repair and restitutio ad integrum phenomena are linked to the deposition and reorganization of the extracellular matrix scaffold, primarily formed by collagen see image.

A collagen deficiency is always detectable in inflammatory and/or degenerative diseases of the locomotor apparatus and of other structures of mesodermal origin.

By reinforcing and stabilizing the affected areas, regeneration and indirect analgesic effects occur.

Guna Collagen Medical Devices provide only Collagen in the form of Tropocollagen, which is the substrate of the endogenous enzyme lysine-hydroxylase. Therefore, they do not exert any pharmacological action because the normal metabolism/catabolism of collagen remains unchanged.

The tropocollagen contained in Guna Collagen Medical Devices acts subsequently as a bio-scaffold.

  • Each protocol must be adapted to the patient’s medical history and the specific clinical case.
  • Guna Collagen Medical Devices can be used alone (e.g. MD-Lumbar: low back pain with high arthritic imprint), or – more frequently – variously mixed with each other according to the patient’s clinical and functional needs (e.g. MD-Lumbar + MDNeural: low back pain with algic nerve imprint; MD-Lumbar + MD-Muscle: low back pain with prevailing myo-fascial imprint).
  1. Periarticular injections.
  2. Intra-articular injections, in those joints allowing a clear intra-articular approach (knee, hip, shoulder): the proteoglycans of the ecm cementing the collagen fibers improve the viscoelasticity properties of the endoarticular fluid.
  3. Subcutaneous and/or intradermal injections: in trigger points, in spontaneously painful points, in points where average digitopressure causes pain, in local acupuncture points, etc.
  4. Intramuscular injections into muscle trigger points, and in supportive treatment (mainly home treatment).

It is possible to combine the injectable local treatment with the Guna Collagen Medical Devices with other physical therapies.

Guna Collagen Medical Devices can be associated with P.R.M. (Physiological Regulating Medicine) therapies, with conventional local or systemic injective therapies, with any physical therapy.

Guna Collagen Medical Devices can also be used while the patient is treated with corticosteroids, NSAIDs and / or chondroprotective drugs, without contraindications. They are also not contraindicated if the patient receives – during the treatment – manipulative therapy or other physical therapeutic methods (acupuncture, electroacupuncture, shiatsu, phyisiokinesitherapy), instrumental methods (magnetic therapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, electrotherapy, etc.) or thermal therapy.

If required by the patient, a local anesthetic can be applied before starting the treatment session with Guna Collagen Medical Devices.

  • 1 treatment daily (every 24 hours) for 3 consecutive days; then 2 treatments weekly until complete remission of symptoms. Continue with 1 treatment weekly.
  • When necessary, 3 applications (1 weekly) may be useful 3 months after the last session of
    the basic treatment.

In acute osteo-arthro-myofascial pain, Guna Collagen Medical Devices are the ideal support to any anti-inflammatory tretment. They may be associated with either anti inflammatory treatments with synthetic drugs [NSAIDs (mostly via periarticular mesotherapy) or corticosteroids (especially intra-articular route)] or homeopathic medicines. It is a good practice not to mix drugs and Guna Collagen Medical Devices in the same syringe.

Use of Md-Matrix and Md-Tissue in Aesthetic Medicine

Thanks to the local collagen supplementation they provide, Guna Collagen Medical Devices, especially MD-MATRIX and MD-TISSUE, represent an innovative, natural and safe solution also in aesthetic treatments.

As we age, there is a natural decline in messenger molecules that trigger collagen production. There is also an increase in the enzyme collagenase which breaks collagen down.

This results in an overall decrease in the amount of collagen in the dermis. Another factor contributing to decreased collagen levels is free radicals from UV exposure. Areas with less support begin to cave in and wrinkles begin to form. The destruction of collagen is a major contribution to the loss of skin suppleness and structure that occurs with advancing age.

MD-TISSUE helps to counterbalance the physiological deterioration of the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue, as well as the effects of chrono-ageing and photo-ageing. It can be used as a local anti-ageing treatment against face and neck wrinkles and also as a preventive treatment to maintain a youthful appearance. The final result is a relaxed and rested face, with toned and glowing skin.

MD-MATRIX can be used to tighten the subcutaneous and microvascular connective tissue layer of localized adiposities and cellulite in the connective tissue, especially those at the root of the thighs and in the inner area of the knee. It also acts as a defensive barrier against free radicals.

MD-MATRIX and MD-TISSUE can be applied locally with mesotherapy injections or with the tunnelling technique. The application might cause symptoms of burning/pain at the injection site, that usually solve spontaneously within 5-10 minutes after the treatment. The use of a local anesthetic may be recommended before treatment.

MD-MATRIX and MD-TISSUE can also be applied by using less invasive tools for transdermal delivery such as devices for magnetophoresis and electrophoresis, dermaroller etc., which do not require the use of needles. In different therapeutic sessions, MD-MATRIX and MD-TISSUE can be combined with conventional aesthetic treatments, without contraindications.

The use of MD-MATRIX and MD-TISSUE in aesthetic medicine provide an innovative, safe and tolerable solutions to minor aesthetic flaws. They are easy to apply and ensure the absence of allergic reactions or negative side effects. The improvement is gradual and lasts in time. All these features make them a unique and valuable tool for a gentle and natural approach to aesthetic treatments.

Guna Collagen Medical Devices are designed to help movement by limiting a physiological degeneration of joints and tissues as well as by counterbalancing any damage caused by:

  • aging
  • bad posture
  • concomitant chronic diseases
  • blows and injuries
  • pollutants.

Guna Collagen Medical Devices are intended to be used by a qualified staff in private or public health Facilities. The main therapeutic functions include:

  • A barrier effect.
  • A lubricating action.
  • Mechanical support while administering other
    pharmacological treatments.

A slight reddening at the injection site may be due to a mechanical effect of the needle or to a skin reaction. The application might cause symptoms of burning/pain at the injection site, that usually solve spontaneously within 5-10 minutes after the treatment.

Skin cleansing/disinfection is required before and after application. Pyogenic bacteria may produce injection site abscesses.


Do not use after the expiration date. The expiration date refers to a product properly stored in its original and undamaged package. Use the product immediately after opening.

Box of 10 sterile vials, 2ml each
Box of 5 sterile vials, 2ml each