Therapeutic Report BHI Allergy Remedy

Therapeutic Report BHI Allergy Remedy

Allergic reactions and symptoms are extremely com- plex in their origins and not yet fully understood.

Allergies can be divided into three major types:

  1. delayed reaction allergies caused by sensitized lymphocytes
  2. antigen-antibody allergies caused by a reaction between immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies and antigens and
  3. atopic or inherited allergies which are characterized by the presence of large amounts of sensitizing antibodies called IgE antibodies.

Examples of delayed reaction allergies, also called cell-mediated hypersensitivity allergies, include contact dermatitis or skin eruptions resulting from exposure to causative agents such as drugs, chemicals and the toxins of poison oak or poison ivy.

Antigen-antibody allergies occur when an individual has built up a high titer of antibodies following exposure to a specific antigen.Examples of antigen-antibody reactions include transfusion reactions and autoimmune disease.

Atopic allergies affect roughly 10% of the population. The hypersensitivity involves the production of excessive amounts of IgE antibodies. Allergens which react specifically in this way include pollen,dust, foods as well as bee,wasp and hornet venoms.Reactions of this type include hay fever, asthma, urticaria (hives) and potentially fatal anaphylaxis. Contact with an allergen by a person with an atopic allergy triggers a local inflammatory reaction with accompanying tis- sue damage.

At the metabolic crossroads of all these allergic reactions is histamine. An excess of histamine is apparently re- leased when the body comes into contact with substances to which is it sensitive.Histamine acting as a mediator of hypersensitivity triggers the inflammatory process.

A remedy which lends itself exceptionally well to the antihomotoxic treatment of various allergies is BHI Allergy, which has been specifically formulated for the treatment of allergic reactions and symptoms.

Focusing Ingredient:

Histamine hydrochloride 8x:

specific antiallergy effectiveness

Accompanying Ingredients:

Arnica 6x:

inflammations, tissue traumas, neurodermatitis

Ignatia amara 6x:

constrictive sensation in larynx and trachea,cough,dif- ficult breathing,fluent coryza, catarrh

Lycopodium clavatum 6x:

throbbing headache, cough, inflammation of the eyes, violent catarrh, difficult breathing, sore throat

Thuja occidentalis 6x:

skin inflammations, warts,nasal catarrh, asthma, eczema

Arctium lappa 8x:

chronic skin inflammations

Arsenicum album 8x:

eczema, itching, skin inflammations

Acidum formicum 8x:

stimulating factor for toxin elimination

Ledum palustre 8x:

constrictive oppression of the chest,suffocative breathing arrest, cough, painful respiration

Antimonium crudum 10x:

affections of the mucous membranes, nasal and bronchial catarrh, eczema, skin eruptions with itching

Embryo bouis 10x:

detoxicating factor for all tissues

Graphites 10x:

skin disorders with eczematous eruptions, scrofulous affections

Pix liquida 10x:

eczemas of the hands, itching, eruptions

Tellurium metallicum 10x:

eczema scrofulous conditions, eruptions and pain

Selenium 12x:

nasal catarrh, cough with mucus and expectoration, straining in the chest, skin inflammations, blisters, itching

Sulphur 12x:

skin conditions, eruptions,mucous membranes of the bronchi,allergic reactions

Psorinum nosode 15x:

nosode for skin infections, eczemas and inflammations

This combination of ingredients works together to mutually strengthen their effects on the histamine metabolismand allergic symptoms.

The respiratory symptoms associated with allergies such as sneezing,cough, itching, burning watery eyes, catarrh and difficult breathing respond well to treatment with BHI Allergy. Skin inflammations due to chemical or food allergies as well as poison oak or ivy and insect bites and stings may also be treated in this way.

The recommended dosage is one tablet taken six (6) to ten (10) times daily, or about every two hours at the onset of symptoms.This dosage should then be decreased to three (3) times daily upon improvement. In cases where symptoms are severe due to reexposure to causative agents, BHI Allergy may be administered, one tablet every 8-10 minutes to relieve the immediate discomfort. Once relief is observed, the normal dosage schedule is resumed.

This remedy combines well with other BHI remedies when,additional symptoms are present. For example:

Hay fever, catarrh:

BHI Sinus


BHI Asthma

Skin inflammations:

BHI Skin

Healing of skin lesions:

BHI Hair & Skin

These accompanying remedies should be administered six (6) to eight (8) times daily, every 2-2/2 hours, alternating with BHI Allergy.

For example:

For asthma with difficult breathing administer BHI Asthma upon rising, BHI Allergy one hour later, BHI Asthma one hour following Allergy and so on throughout the waking day until symptoms improve. For acute asthmatic attacks administer one tablet of BHI Asthma every eight (8) minutes until symptoms improve and then return to the previous schedule.