Abnormal lassitude. Nervous and tired feeling. “Half dead, half alive feeling” all over. Of use in chorea and reflex spasms (worms). Said to be a specific against effects of poison ivy.

Head.–Heavy, dull, confused. Headache with least exertion.

Mental.–Irritable, sensitive to noise. Mental fatigue, nausea and vertigo, worse in a closed room.

Ears.–Roaring and ringing; voice sounds strange; ears seem to close up suddenly.

Abdomen.–Pain in bowels; relieved by stool. Desire for stool immediately after eating. Dysentery.

Female.–Dysmenorrhœa, with bearing-down pains, tenderness, drawing in groins. Menses suppressed; later, profuse.

Respiratory.–Hurried, labored, stertorous respiration. Frothy mucus obstructs the air-passages.

Relationship.–Compare: Cimicif; Cina; Absinth. Nux follows well.

Dose.–Tincture, to third potency.