The Syphilitic Virus – A Nosode

Utter prostration and debility in the morning.

Shifting rheumatic pains. Chronic eruptions and rheumatism.

Ichthyosis. Syphilitic affections. Pains from darkness to daylight; decrease and increase gradually. Hereditary tendency to alcoholism. Ulceration of mouth, nose, genitals, skin. Succession of abscesses.

Mind.–Loss of memory; remembers everything previous to his illness. Apathetic; feels as if going insane or being paralyzed. Fears the night, and the suffering from exhaustion on awakening. Hopeless; despairs of recovery.

Head.–Linear pains from temple across, or from eyes backward; cause sleeplessness and delirium at night. Falling of the hair. Pain in bones of head. Top of head feels as if coming off. Stupefying cephalalgia.

Eyes.–Chronic, recurrent, phlyctenular inflammation of cornea; successive crops of phlyctenular and abrasions of epithelial layer of cornea; photophobia intense, lachrymation profuse. Lids swollen; pain intense at night; ptosis. Tubercular iritis. Diplopia; one image seen below the other. Feeling of cold air blowing on eye (Fluor ac).

Ears.–Caries of ossicles in ear of syphilitic origin.

Nose.–Caries of nasal bones, hard palate and septum, with perforation; ozæna.

Mouth.–Teeth decay at gum; edges serrated, dwarfed. Tongue coated, teeth-indented; deep longitudinal cracks. Ulcers smart and burn. Excessive flow of saliva; it runs out of mouth when sleeping.

Stomach.–Craves alcohol.

Rectum.–Feels tied up with strictures. Enemas very painful. Fissures, prolapse.

Extremities.–Sciatica; worse at night; better about day-break. Rheumatism of shoulder-joint, at insertion of deltoid. Run-around. Severe pain in long bones. Redness and rawness between toes (Sil). Rheumatism, muscles are caked in hard knot or lumps. Always washing the hands. Indolent ulcers. Muscles contracted in hard knots.

Female.–Ulcers on labia. Leucorrhœa profuse, thin, watery, acrid, with sharp, knife-pain in ovaries.

Respiratory.–Aphonia; chronic asthma in summer, wheezing and rattling (Tart emet). Cough dry, hard; worse at night; windpipe sensitive to touch (Lach). Lancinating pains from base of heart to apex at night.

Skin.–Reddish-brown eruption, with a disagreeable odor. Extreme emaciation.

Relationship.–Compare: Merc; Kal hyd; Nit ac; Aur; Alum.

Modalities.–Worse, at night, sundown to sunrise, seashore, in summer. Better, inland and mountains, during day, moving about slowly.

Dose.–The highest potencies only, and in infrequent doses.