This is a nervous sedative, where nervous fear predominates. Cardiac irritability. Chorea. Nervous irritation and spasms of children, during dentition. Twitching of muscles. Nervous weakness after influenza.

Mental.–Fear of some calamity. Inability to fix attention (Aethus). Confusion.

Head.–Dull, frontal headache. Eyes feel pressed outwards. Flushed face. Restless sleep and frightful dreams. Must move about. Night terrors. Migraine; worse, over right eye; aching in eyeballs. Explosive headaches of school teachers with frequent urination; headaches in front and base of brain. Nervous sick headaches, worse noise, odor light, better night; rest, 5 drops of tincture.

Stomach.–Nausea; sour eructations; hiccough; pain and distress.

Abdomen.–Gas, fullness and distention, colicky pain and uneasiness. Light colored diarrhœa.

Male.–Seminal emissions and impotency, with fear of never being better.

Sleep.–Night-terrors; sleeplessness; sudden wakefulness; frightful dreams.

Extremities.–Twitchings of muscles; must be moving. Chorea. Tremors. Sharp stinging pains in upper extremities. Nightly restlessness. Weakness and aching.

Relationship.–Compare: Cyprip; Lycopus.

Dose.–Tincture and lower potencies.