Of frequent use in children with sour diarrhœa; difficult dentition. Whole child smells sour.

Mind.–Impatient and vehement; desires many things and cries (Cina).

Head.–Sweat on hairy scalp; constant and profuse. Cool sweat on the face, especially about mouth and nose.

Mouth.–Much saliva. Sensation of coolness in teeth. Difficult teething; restless and irritable. Breath smells sour (Cham).

Stomach.–Desire for various kinds of food, but soon tires of all. Throbbing in pit. Feels full.

Abdomen.–Colicky pain about navel. Colic when uncovering. Wind seems to rise up to chest.

Rectum.–Before stool, unsuccessful urging to urinate. Stools smell sour, pasty, with shivering and tenesmus, and burning in anus. Sour diarrhœa during dentition. Colicky, even ineffectual urging to evacuate altered fecal stools.

Modalities.–Worse, uncovering, after eating, moving about.

Relationship.–Compare: Mag phos; Hep; Pod; Cham; Ipec.

Antidotes: Camph; Cham.

Complementary: Mag carb.

Dose.–Third to sixth potency.