California Coffee-tree

One of the most positive remedies for rheumatism and muscular pains. Pleurodynia, lumbago, gastralgia. Vesical tenesmus; dysmenorrhœa of myalgic origin; pain in head, neck, and face. Inflammatory rheumatism, joints swollen, painful; tendency to metastasis; profuse sweat. Rheumatic heart (Webster).

Provings of students. 2x potency.

Mind.–Nervous, restless, irritable. Lassitude; mentally dull and dazed; unable to concentrate mind on studies.

Head.–Dizzy full feeling. Heavy bruised sensation; better from pressure. Bursting feeling with every step. Soreness, especially in occiput and vertex, worse, bending over. Dull pain in left temple. Dull aching in frontal region (left), extending backwards and over forehead. Deep, right-sided frontal headache. Twitching eyelids.

Ears.–Dullness of hearing. Soreness, deep under right tragus on swallowing.

Face.–Flushed, hot and glowing. Outward pressure from malar processes.

Mouth.–Canker sore between gums and lips. Tongue coated, with clean, pink central patch.

Throat.–Dry, rough. Soreness on right side and tonsil.

Bowels.–Constipation with some flatus. Tenesmus and dry stool. Flatulent diarrhœa.

Genito-urinary.–Increased urination. Tickling in anterior urethra, small morning drop (no previous gonorrhœa). Sexual desire increased.

Respiratory.–Substernal oppression. Tenderness on pressure of right intercostal muscles.

Heart.–Variation of pulse. Slow pulse.

Extremities.–Unable to control muscular action. Legs sore. Walked like a drunken man.

Modality.–Symptoms worse in evening.

Relationship.–Rhamnus cathartica or Rhamnus Frangula-European Buckthorn-a rheumatic remedy–(abdominal symptoms, colic, diarrhœa; hæmorrhoids, especially chronic). Rhamnus Purshiana-Cascara Sagrada–(palliative in constipation, as an intestinal tonic, and dyspepsia dependent thereon. 10-15 drops of tincture).

Dose.–Tincture in 15-drop doses every four hours.