The Metal Cobalt

Adapted to neurasthenic spinal states. Sexual disturbances. Fatigue, agitation, and bone pains, worse in morning.

Mind.–All mental excitement increases suffering. Constant interchange of mental moods.

Head.–Aches; worse, bending head forward. Itching of hairy scalp and beard.

Teeth.–Feel too long. Pain in teeth. Cracks across tongue. Coated white (Ant cr).

Abdomen.–Shooting in liver. Pain in spleen.

Rectum.–Constant dropping of blood from the anus, no blood from the stools.

Male.–Pain in right testicle; better, urinating. Emissions without erection. Impotence. Backache in lumbar region and weak legs. Lewd dreams. Pain in end of urethra; greenish discharge; brown spots on genitals and abdomen.

Back.–Pain in back and sacrum; worse while sitting; better, walking or lying. Weakness in legs and backache after emissions.

Extremities.–Aching in wrist-joints. Shooting into thighs from liver. Weak knees. Trembling in limbs. Tingling in feet. Foot-sweat, mostly between toes.

Sleep.–Unrefreshing; disturbed by lewd dreams.

Skin.–Dry and pimply. Pimples about nates, chin, hairy scalp.

Relationship.–Compare: Cannab. Ind; Sepia; Zinc; Agnus; Selen.

Dose.–Sixth to thirtieth potency.