Virgin’s Bower

Scrofulous, rheumatic, gonorrhœal, and syphilitic patients. Acts especially on skin, glands and genito-urinary organs, especially testicles. A remedy of much importance in disturbances of sleep, and neuralgic pains in various parts. Many of these pains are relieved by perspiration. Muscles relaxed or twitching. Great emaciation. Great sleepiness. Distant pulsation in whole body.

Head.–Boring pain in temples. Confused feeling; better in open air. Eruption on occiput at base of hair, moist, pustular sensitive, itching.

Eyes.–Heat in eyes and sensitive to air; must close them. Chronic blepharitis, with sore and swollen meibomain glands. Iritis, great sensitiveness to cold. Flickering before eyes. Pustular conjunctivitis, with tinea capitis; eyes inflamed and protruding.

Face.–White blisters on face and nose, as if burned by sun. Swelling of submaxillary glands, with hard tubercles, throbbing, aggravated on being touched. Pain in right side of face to eye, ear and temple; better, holding cold water in mouth.

Teeth.–Ache; worse, at night and from tobacco. Teeth feel too long.

Stomach.–After eating, weakness in all limbs and pulsation in arteries.

Male.–Ilio-scrotal neuralgia. Testicles indurated with bruised feeling. Swelling of scrotum (Orchitis). Right half only. Troubles from suppressed gonorrhœa. Violent erections with stitches in urethra. Testicles hang heavy or retracted, with pain along spermatic cord; worse, right side.

Urinary.–Tingling in urethra lasting some time after urinating. Frequent, scanty urination; burning at orifice. Interrupted flow. Urethra feels constricted. Urine emitted drop by drop. Inability to pass all the urine; dribbling after urinating. Pain worse at night, pain along the spermatic cord. Commencing stricture.

Skin.–Red, burning, vesicular, scaly, scabby. Itches terribly; worse, washing in cold water; worse face and hands and scalp around occiput. Glands hot, painful, swollen; worse inguinal glands. Glandular indurations and tumors of breast. Varicose ulcers.

Modalities.–Better, in open air. Worse, at night, and warmth of bed (washing in cold water); new moon–(monthly aggravation).

Relationship.–Compare: Clematis vitalba (varicose and other ulcers); Sil; Staph; Petrol; Oleand; Sarsap; Canth; Phos ac; Pulsat.

Antidotes: Bryon; Camph.

Dose.–Third to thirtieth potency.