Asterias Rubens – Starfish

Asterias Rubens – Starfish

The mother tincture is prepared from the starfish, Asterias rubens L. N.O. Aster- oidae.

Carcinomatous ulcers.

Asterias Rubens was used by Hippocrates in ailments of the womb. It is also an old remedy for epilepsy.

Characteristic symptoms include surges of blood to the head, obstinate constipa- tion, dull occipital headache, pressure in the forehead, pressure in the eyes with flushed face, stabbing pains in the breasts and itching of the skin, with a tendency for the symptoms to appear more on the left half of the body. If other significant symptoms are present, it may be used in mammary cancer, threatened apoplexy and obstinate constipation, as well as ulcers of a cancerous nature.

The German Monograph-Preparation Commission for the Homoeopathic Field of Therapy has, under the Preparation Monograph for Asterias rubens, published the following indication(s) in the German Bundesanzeiger (German Federal Gazette) for asterias rubens: paramenia; hardening of the mammary gland; acne; headaches.