Ascarides Nosode – Maw-Worm

Ascarides Nosode – Maw-Worm

The attenuations of this nosode are prepared from maw-worms, (Ascaris lumbri- coides), parasites inhabiting the human small intestine.

When they occur in large quantities, maw-worms can bring about a symptomatol- ogy corresponding to paralytic ileus. According to the Law of Similars, therefore, the Ascarides Nosode is used in spastic complaints in the abdominal cavity, espe- cially in the intestinal area, in children, not on its own but complementing spasmod- ic remedies such as Cuprum, Colocynthis, Veratrum, Belladonna, Nux Vomica and others. Apart from this, however, we must take into account the nervous reflex-states arising from worm-infestation, such as tics, and neural affections of many kinds, es- pecially if the patient has dark rings around the eyes, and in excessively nervous and irritable children (cf. Chamomilla, Antimonium Crudum, Staphisagria); in such cases it may also be used alongside Cina, Tanacetum, Thymus Serpyllum, Chenopodium, Ambra and others.

One must also think of the Ascarides Nosode in epileptic spasms and gastric ul- ceration.

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