Asclepias Tuberosa – Pleurisy Root

Asclepias Tuberosa – Pleurisy Root

The mother tincture is prepared from the fresh rootstock of the plant Asclepias tuberosa L., which is a native of North America and former Jugoslavia. N.O. Ascle- piadaceae.

Intercostal neuralgia.

The American name of the plant, “Pleurisy Root”, shows the particular relation- ship with the pleura, and also to the chest-muscles. Stabbing pains, aggravated by motion, on either side of the rib-cage, between the scapulae and in the intercostal spaces, all respond well and quickly to the remedy.

Abdominal symptoms too are found, e.g. nausea with retching, flatulent colic and dysenteric stools, also with fever symptoms and subsequent sweating.

All complaints are aggravated by cold, damp weather. There is also a sensitivity to tobacco.

The German Monograph-Preparation Commission for the Homoeopathic Field of Therapy has, under the Preparation Monograph for Asclepias tuberosa, published the following indication(s) in the German Bundesanzeiger (German Federal Gazette) for asclepias tuberosa: dry pleurisy; rheumatism; neuralgia in thoracic areas.

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