Tamalpais Lily, Basket Grass Flower

Should prove curative in eczematous conditions, poison-oak, early typhoid states, etc.

Mind.–Dull, cannot concentrate mind for study; forgets names; writes last letters of words first; misspells common words.

Head.–Feels full, stuffed up, pain across forehead and above eyes. Great pressure at root of nose. Bewildered. Loss of consciousness. Pulsating headache.

Eyes.–Painful, as of sand, smarting; difficult to focus for close work. Eyes feel sore, burn.

Nose.–Stuffed; tightness at bridge of nose; acute nasal catarrh.

Face.–Bloated in morning. Puffy under eyes.

Throat.–Stitching pain upon swallowing.

Stomach.–Feels full and heavy. Eructations sour; offensive, an hour after luncheon and dinner. Vomiting at 2 pm.

Abdomen.–Intestinal flatulence. In morning rumbling in bowels, with desire for stool.

Rectum.–Constipation, stools hard, small lumps. Difficult, soft stools, with much straining. Much flatus. Bearing-down pain in rectum.

Urine.–Difficulty of retaining; dribbling when walking. Frequent urination at night.

Female.–Bearing-down sensation. Vulva inflamed, with furious itching. Increased sexual desire, with ovarian and uterine pains and leucorrhœa.

Respiratory.–Posterior nares raw; discharge thick, yellow mucus. Sneezing. Trachea sore; lumps feel constricted.

Back.–Feels hot from sacrum to scapulæ. Backache, extending down legs. Pain over kidneys. Heat deep in spine.

Extremities.–Muscular lameness, trembling. Pain in knees. Limbs feel stiff (Rhus).

Skin.–Erythema, with vesication and intense itching, stinging, and burning. Blisters, little lumps. Skin rough and cracked; feels like leather. Dermatitis, especially around knees. Inflammation resembling poison-oak. Inguinal glands and behind knee swollen.

Modalities.–Worse, application of cold water, in afternoon and evening. Better, application of hot water, in morning, moving affected part.

Relationship.–Compare: Rhus; Anacard; Grindelia.

Dose.–Sixth potency or higher.