Upas-tree-Strychnos Tiente

Produces tonic spasms, tetanus, and asphyxia.

Head.–Disinclined for mental work. Irritable. Dull headache deep in brain.

Eyes.–Pain in eyes and orbits, with conjunctivitis. Dull sunken eyes. Styes.

Mouth.–Herpes on lips. Burning on the tongue. Pain in mouth, as from a splinter (Nit ac).

Male.–Desire increased, with loss of power. Dull backache, as after excessive coitus.

Chest.–Lancinating pain throughout right lung toward the liver, stopping breathing. Violent palpitation; sensation of heaviness in stomach.

Skin.–Numb hands and feet. Hangnails inflamed; itching and redness of roots of nails.

Relationship.–Compare: Upas antiaris-resinous exudation of Antiarus toxicaria, (a deadly poison to the muscular system. It suspends both voluntary muscular action and that of the heart without causing convulsions. Used in Java as an arrow poison (Merrell). Differs in producing clonic spasms, violent vomiting, diarrhœa, great prostration). Oxal ac. Upas when Bryonia fails (typhoid).

Antidote: Curare.

Dose.–Third to sixth potency.