Lady’s Tresses

Has been used for milk-flow in nursing women, lumbago and rheumatism, colic, with drowsiness and spasmodic yawning. Is an anti-phlogistic remedy akin to Acon its symptoms showing congestion and inflammation. Acidity and burning in śsophagus with eructation.

Female.–Pruritus; vulva red; dryness and burning in vagina. Burning pain in vagina during coition. Leucorrhśa, bloody.

Extremities.–Sciatic pain, especially right side. Pain in shoulders. Swelling of veins of hands. Pain in all articulations of hands. Coldness of feet and toes.

Fever.–Flushes of heat. Sweat on palms. Hands alternately hot and cold.

Dose.–Third potency.