Rauwolfia compositum

Rauwolfia compositum

Injection solution Composition:

Injection solution: 2.2 ml cont.: Rauwolfia serpentina D3, Aurum jodatum D10, Kalmia latifolia D4, Melilotus officinalis D8, Sulfur D10, Atropa belladonna D6, Arnica montana D4, Conium maculatum D3, Viscum album D3, Lycopodium clavatum D6, Cynara scolymus D8, Ren suis D10, Hepar suis D10 22 µl each.


Constitutional high blood-pressure.


The preparation includes an iodine-containing ingredient. In cases of thyroid disorder with reduced iodine tolerance use only on the advice of a physician.

Side effects:

Intravenous administration may cause hypersensitivity reactions and sudden drop of blood pressure.

Interactions with other medication:

None known.


In general 1 ampoule i.m., s.c., i.d., or if necessary i.v., 3-1 times weekly.

Package sizes:

Packs containing 5, 10, 50 and 100 ampoules of 2.2 ml.

Pharmacological and clinical notes

Rauwolfia serpentina (Indian snakeroot) Reduces blood pressure in hypertonia. Aurum jodatum (gold iodide)

Arteriosclerosis and other geriatric indications. Kalmia latifolia (mountain laurel)

Stabbing pains in the heart, radiating into the right arm (occasionally also the left); rheumatic and neuralgic pains.

Melilotus officinalis (melilot)

Congestive headache, improved by nasal haemorrhages; plethora, possibly with preapoplectic conditions.

Sulfur (sulphur)

Reagent, cellular activity is influenced catalytically, throbbing headache. Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade)

Localized reaction phases, cerebral conditions of irritation with cramp and delirium. Arnica montana (mountain arnica)

Myocardial weakness, neuralgia, myalgia, arteriosclerosis. Conium maculatum (spotted hemlock)

Vertigo upon each change of position, deficiency of memory, speech disorders, geriatric remedy.

Viscum album (mistletoe)

Sudden attacks of vertigo, headaches, particularly in the forehead, constitutional hypertonia, tinnitus.

Lycopodium clavatum (club-moss)

Diseases of the liver and gall bladder, important polychrest and constitutional remedy. Cynara scolymus (globe artichoke)

Tonic, stimulation of the detoxicating hepatic function and diuresis. Ren suis (kidney)

Stimulation of the renal function and secretion. Hepar suis (liver)

Stimulation of the detoxicating hepatic function.

Based on the individual homoeopathic constituents of Rauwolfia compositum, therapeutic possibilities result for the treatment of hypertonia of various origins, especially constitutional hypertonia, the effect arising not only through symptomatically acting antihypertonic agents such as Rauwolfia, Viscum, Atropa belladonna and Melilotus, but also by means of antisclerotically acting drugs such as Aurum jodatum, coupled with a circulation-regulating effect (Arnica), increase of the detoxicating function (Sulphur) and of the hepatic function (Lycopodium clavatum, Cynara scolymus, Hepar), through which, in association with the improvement of the often causal disturbances of the renal function by means of renal extract, a broad potentiating effect in accordance with Bürgi’s principle is achieved, which is directed specifically against hypertonia of various origins.

In serious cases, alternating injections of Coenzyme compositum and Ubichinon compositum are recommended; at intervals possibly also Hepar compositum as well as other biotherapeutic-antihomotoxic agents, etc., also Testis compositum or Ovarium compositum, Angio-Injeel, Cralonin, Solidago compositum S (for disturbances of the renal functions), Thyreoidea compositum (for powerful stimulation of the hormonal functions with antineoplasmatic effect).

In addition, oral preparations such as Aesculus compositum (relief of peripheral circulatory disturbances) and Populus compositum SR (for prostatic patients with disturbances of the renal excretion) as well as Syzygium compositum (for diabetic patients) can find application. Also preparations such as Hepeel (hepatic function), Cralonin and Angio-Injeel (regulation of the cardiac function), Zeel (biological anti- rheumatic and anti-arthritic agent) are indicated for the corresponding disorders; for any regressive vicariation occurring, biological remedies for inflammation, such as Traumeel S, Echinacea compositum S, etc.

Therapy which has proved effective for hypertonia consists of Rauwolfia compositum with alternating injections of Carbo compositum, Placenta compositum, Cerebrum compositum, Cor compositum, possibly also Angio-Injeel, Circulo-Injeel and Hepar compositum (each according to predominance of the accompanying syndromes).

The dosage is adjusted according to the disease, the clinical picture and the stage of the illness: 1 ampoule i.m., s.c., possibly i.v., alternating with auxiliary remedies, once to 3 times weekly.