Psychic symptoms

Psychic symptoms

(Psychosomatic affections and alterations or psychosomatically superimposed illnesses, mainly impregnation phases of the neuroderm)

Some of the most important preparations are listed here with indications:

Nervoheel (basic therapeutical agent for depression, melancholia, psychosomatic disorders, tearfulness, climacteric neurosis).

Aletris-Heel (fatigue, exhaustion, debility) .

China-Homaccord S (conditions of exhaustion and debility with fatigue). Gelsemium-Homaccord (conditions of anxiety, stupor with inability to think).

Ignatia-Homaccord    (depression                                   alternating      with                                   (hypo)mania,                                   contentiousness, climacteric neurosis, globus hystericus).

Klimakt-Heel (neurosis on a climacteric basis). Psorinoheel (depression with the onset of hebephrenia).

Selenium Homaccord (neurasthenia, fatigue, weariness, consequences of mental overwork).

Valerianaheel (biological soporific, restlessness and sleeplessness). 10-15 drops of  the preparation must be taken several times possibly on a lump of sugar (every 5 min. until the patient falls asleep).

Ypsiloheel (basic therapeutical agent for all symptoms indicative of vegetative dystonia).

Injection therapy

Cerebrum compositum (principal remedy), otherwise also

Acidum fluor-Injeel (forte) for depression, bearing all suffering patiently (like a poor wretch).

Aconitum-Injeel (forte) S for conditions of acute fear of death, psychotic symptoms resulting from fright and anger.

Agnus castus-Injeel (forte) for depression with thoughts of death, hypochondria. Antimonium crudum-Injeel (forte) for sullenness, sadness and melancholy.

Argentum nitricum-Injeel (forte) for obsession, neurosis.

Arsenicum album-Injeel (forte) S for hopelessness, midnight exacerbation with all disorders, exhaustion, restlessness, anxiety.

Aurum-Injeel as basic therapeutic agent for melancholy, weariness of life and depression; religious mania, inner haste and restlessness, paroxysms of rage.

Belladonna-Injeel (forte) S for delusional ideas, hallucinations.

Capsicum-Injeel (forte) for psychotic symptoms resulting from homesickness. China-Homaccord S for exhaustion and debility with fatigue.

Coffea-Injeel (forte) for hypersensitivity, sleeplessness, psychotic symptoms resulting from sudden joy.

Colocynthis-Injeel (forte) S for general irritability, psychotic symptoms resulting from anger or rage.

Gelsemium-Homaccord for conditions of anxiety, stupor with inability to think. Gelsemium-Injeel (forte) S for anxiety about the future, headaches.

Hyoscyamus-Injeel (forte) for fixed ideas, delusional ideas, fear of being poisoned, jealousy, compulsory weeping.

Ignatia-Homaccord for depression alternating with (hypo)mania, contentiousness, climacteric neurosis, globus hystericus.

Ignatia-Injeel (forte) S for tendency towards weeping, pavor nocturnus.

Natrium muriaticum-Injeel (forte) for psychotic symptoms as a result of illnesses, irritation.

Neuro-Injeel for depression with psychosomatic affections; melancholy climacteric neurosis.

Nux vomica-Injeel (forte) S for condition worsening in the morning, difficulty in sleeping right through the night; outbursts of anger which do no harm but which are a means to an end.

Phosphorus-Injeel (forte) S for anxiety always to have done something or everything wrongly.

Platinum metallicum-Injeel for arrogance, contentious behaviour.

Psorinoheel and Psorinum-Injeel (forte) for depression resulting from chronic grief. Pulsatilla-Injeel (forte) S for condition worsening in the evening improved by talking to the patient; changeable, erratic disorders without organic findings; pre-menstrual worsening.

Selenium-Homaccord for neurasthenia, fatigue, weariness, the results of mental overwork.

Sepia-Injeel (forte) for worsening of condition morning and evening, depression and exhaustion, fatigue and general weariness.

Staphisagria-Injeel (forte S) for irritability, anger, hypersensitivity, psychotic symptoms resulting from persistent suffering (including of an occupational nature), outbreaks of anger due to pessimism (enraged without reason).

Stramonium-Injeel (forte) for garrulous delirium, anxiety, hallucinations, conditions of excitation, hydrophobia, fear of being poisoned.

Sulfur-Injeel (forte) S for delusions of grandeur, religious mania, difficulty in falling asleep, outbursts of anger followed by regret.

Tonico-Injeel for neurasthenia resulting from physical debility or conditions of exhaustion, vegetative dystonia, “manager’s disease”.

Valeriana-Injeel (forte) for psychotic and delirious conditions, violence. Coenzyme compositum and Ubichinon compositum (defective enzymatic functions), otherwise also Hepar compositum (detoxicating hepatic function), Testis compositum (men) or Ovarium compositum (women) as intermediate remedies.

*Attention must be drawn to the relatively great danger of suicide in respect of all patients suffering from depression, with all the legal and forensic consequences.

See depression.