Inflammation or Impregnation phase
Main remedy:Traumeel
Secondary remedies:Gelsemium-Homaccord
Spigelon Cruroheel Arsuraneel
Phase remedy:Thalamus compositum


(Impregnation phases)

A biotherapeutic agent effective in general against pain of all kinds does not exist, since pain is the expression of the fact that (according to the type of pain), various or varying homotoxins are acting on various neural receptors in the form of impregnation phases. The administration of analgesics does not improve the homotoxin level; on the contrary, it is usually worsened by additional retoxic effects or an impregnation action, i.e., it is not influenced causally. Through the administration of the biotherapeutic agent indicated according to the syndrome, the homotoxin level underlying the cause of the pain is influenced (curative effect). Every antihomotoxic-biotherapeutic agent can, therefore, act indirectly as an analgesic. The preparations described briefly below are frequently indicated, care being taken to ensure that these are not taken in a single dose but that they are administered frequently in sequence  (8-10 drops every 5-10 min. or 1 tablet allowed to dissolve on the tongue, not swallowed with water). Initially, a stronger dose can be administered (20-40 drops or 5 tablets at once.)

Gelsemium-Homaccord and Spigelon for headache.

Cruroheel S and Arsuraneel for headache arising from inflammatory conditions. Spascupreel for stabbing and spasmodic pains.

Colocynthis-Homaccord for sciatica, osteochondrosis, stabbing pains. Ranunculus-Homaccord for intercostal neuralgia.

Bryaconeel for neuralgic and inflammatory pains. Rhododendroneel S for sensitivity to the weather (neuralgia). Cardiacum-Heel, Pectus-Heel, Cralonin for cardiac pains.

Duodenoheel and Gastricumeel for gastralgia. Chelidonium-Homaccord for biliary pains (also for colic).

Veratrum-Homaccord and Nux vomica-Homaccord for intestinal tenesmus. Belladonna-Homaccord for throbbing inflammatory pain.

Berberis-Homaccord and Reneel for renal pains.

Atropinum compositum (suppositories and ampoules) as antispasmodic for the widest variety of painful conditions.

See under the most varied indications such as headache, migraine, intercostal neuralgia, sciatica, neuralgia, colic, trigeminal neuralgia, torticollis spasticus, nephrolithiasis, etc.