Ovarium compositum

Ovarium compositum

Ovarium compositum ad us. vet. Injection Solution 5.0 ml

Ovarium compositum Injection Solution 2.2 ml


Ovarium compositum ad us. vet.: 1 ampoule of 5 ml contains: Ovarium suis D8; Pla- centa suis D10; Uterus suis D10; Salpinx suis D10; Hypophysis suis D13; Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens D6; Lilium tigrinum D4; Pulsatilla pratensis D18; Aquilegia vulgaris D4; Sepia officinalis D10; Lachesis mutus D10; Apisinum D8; Kreosotum D8; Bovista D6; Ipecacuanha D6; Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni D10l; Hydrastis canaden- sis D4; Acidum cis-aconiticum D10; Magnesium phosphoricum D10 0.05 ml each.

Ovarium compositum: 1 ampoule of 2.2 ml (= 2.2 g) contains: Ovarium suis D8, Pla- centa suis D10, Uterus suis D10, Salpinx suis D10, Hypophysis suis D13, Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens D6, Lilium tigrinum D4, Pulsatilla pratensis D18, Aquilegia

vulgaris D4, Sepia officinalis D10, Lachesis mutus D10, Apisinum D8, Kreosotum D8, Bovista D6, Ipecacuanha D6, Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni D10, Hydrastis canaden- sis D4, Acidum cis-aconiticum D10, Magnesium phosphoricum D10 22 µl each.


Disorders of the ovarian cycle, infertility due to degenerative changes or dysfunctions of the ovaries, large and small cystic degeneration of the ovaries, endometritis, stimu- lation of the functions of glands and connective tissue in elder animals.

Contraindications: None known.

Side effects: Hypersalivation may occur upon administration, in which case use of the product should be discontinued. Allergic reactions may occasionally occur on account of the homeopathic active substance Mercurius solubilis.

Interaction with other medications: None known.

Waiting period: None.

Instructions for use, route and duration of administration:

Ovarium compositum ad us. vet. is to be administered by s.c. or i.v. injection.

According to species, the daily single dosage is as follows:

Horse, cattle, swine: 5 ml

Sheep, goat: 2 ml

Large dog: 3–4 ml

Medium dog: 2 ml

Small dog, cat: 1–2 ml

Small pets: 0.5 ml

The indicated dosage can be repeated after a period of 8 days.

Dosage: Ovarium compositum injection solution 2.2 ml:

See chapter Dosage of Heel Medications in Veterinary Medicine, p. 17–20.

Package sizes:

Ovarium compositum ad us. vet.: Packs containing 5 or 50 ampoules of 5.0 ml each. Ovarium compositum: Packs containing 10 or 50 ampoules of 2.2 ml each.