Inflammation phase
Main remedy:Viburcol
Secondary remedies:Bryaconeel Tartephedreel Oculoheel
Phase remedy:Belladonna-Homaccord


(Ectodermal or mesenchymal reaction phase) (Main remedy: Viburcol)

Viburcol suppositories 2-4 times daily

Bryaconeel 1 tablet at 8 a.m., 12 noon and 4 p.m.

Tartephedreel 8-10 drops at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

possibly the above preparations taken together 2-4-6 times daily. Belladonna-Homaccord for incipient otitis, 5 drops every 1-2 hours .

Aconitum-Homaccord for restlessness, fever and serious bronchitis as intermediate remedy, 8-10 drops 1/2 hourly to hourly.

Arnica-Heel possibly as sole remedy, 8-10 drops every 1-2 hours. Osteoheel S for otitis after perforation of the membrane of the tympanum. Cruroheel S (chronic fistulae of the ear).

Arsuraneel (headache). Injection therapy

Gripp-Heel and possibly Traumeel S alternating i.m.

Echinacea compositum (forte) S, possibly in alternation with Engystol N (powerful stimulation of the body’s own defences).

Bryonia-Injeel (forte) S for headache (need to hold the head tightly in the hands). Engystol N s.c. or i.m., possibly also i.v. for retoxic symptoms or measles in the elderly. Zincum valerianicum-Injeel or Zincum metallicum-Injeel for receding measles (in addition to Engystol N).

See also otitis media, mastoiditis, meningeal reactions, encephalitis, viral diseases, etc.