Phosphate of Magnesia

The great anti-spasmodic remedy. Cramping of muscles with radiating pains. Neuralgic pains relieved by warmth. Especially suited to tired, languid, exhausted subjects. Indisposition for mental exertion. Goitre.

Mind.–Laments all the time about the pain. Inability to think clearly. Sleepless on account of indigestion.

Head.–Vertigo on moving, falls forward on closing eyes, better walking in open air. Aches after mental labor, with chilliness; always better warmth (Sil). Sensation as if contents were liquid, as if parts of brain were changing places, as of a cap on head.

Eyes.–Supraorbital pains; worse, right side; relieved by warmth applied externally. Increased lachrymation. Twitching of lids. Nystagmus strabismus, ptosis. Eyes hot, tired, vision blurred, colored lights before eyes.

Ears.–Severe neuralgic pain; worse behind right ear; worse, by going into cold air, and washing face and neck with cold water.

Mouth.–Toothache; better by heat and hot liquids. Ulceration of teeth, with swelling of glands of face, throat and neck and swelling of tongue. Complaints of teething children. Spasms without febrile symptoms.

Throat.–Soreness and stiffness, especially right side; parts seem puffy, with chilliness, and aching all over.

Stomach.– Hiccough, with retching day and night. Thirst for very cold drinks.

Abdomen.–Enteralgia, relieved by pressure. Flatulent colic, forcing patient to bend double; relieved by rubbing, warmth, pressure; accompanied with belching of gas, which gives no relief. Bloated, full sensation in abdomen; must loosen clothing, walk about and constantly pass flatus. Constipation in rheumatic subjects due to flatulence and indigestion.

Female.–Menstrual colic. Membranous dysmenorrhœa. Menses too early, dark, stringy. Swelling of external parts. Ovarian neuralgia. Vaginismus.

Respiratory.–Asthmatic oppression of chest. Dry, tickling cough. Spasmodic cough, with difficulty in lying down. Whooping-cough (Corall). Voice hoarse, larynx sore and raw. Intercostal neuralgia.

Heart.–Angina pectoris. Nervous spasmodic palpitation. Constricting pains around heart.

Fever.–Chilliness after dinner, in evening. Chills run up and down the back, with shivering, followed by a suffocating sensation.

Extremities.–Involuntary shaking of hands. Paralysis agitans. Cramps in calves. Sciatica; feet very tender. Darting pains. Twitchings. Chorea. Writers’ and players’ cramp. Tetanic spasms. Weakness in arms and hands, finger-tips stiff and numb. General muscular weakness.

Modalities.–Worse, right side, cold, touch, night. Better, warmth, bending double, pressure, friction.

Relationship.–Compare: Kali phos; Colocy; Silica; Zinc; Diosc.

Antidotes: Bell; Gels; Lach.

Dose.–First to twelfth potency. Sometimes the highest potencies are preferable. Acts especially well, given in hot water.