Lower the blood pressure, reduces the rate of the heart and increases the length of systole to a great degree. Passive hæmorrhages (Adrenaline 6x).

A heart remedy, and of use in exophthalmic goitre and hæmorrhoidal bleeding. Indicated in diseases with tumultuous action of the heart and more or less pain. Hæmoptysis due to valvular heart disease. Beneficial in toxic goitre used in the pre-operative stage dose, 5 drops of tincture (Beebe).

Head.–Frontal headache; worse, frontal eminences; often succeeded by labored heart. Nosebleed.

Eyes.–Protrusion, pressing, outward, with tumultuous action of heart. Supraorbital pain, with aching in testicles.

Mouth.–Toothache in lower molars.

Heart.–Rapid heart action of smokers. Præcordial pain; constriction, tenderness, pulse, weak, irregular, intermittent, tremulous, rapid. Cyanosis. Heart’s action tumultuous and forcible. Palpitation from nervous irritation, with oppression around heart. Rheumatoid, flying pains, associated with heart disease. Cardiac asthma (Sumbul).

Respiratory.–Wheezing. Cough, with hæmoptysis, bleeding small but frequent.

Urine.–Profuse flow of limpid, watery urine, especially when the heart is most irritable; also scanty urine. Bladder feels distended when empty. Diabetes. Pain in testicles.

Rectum.–Bleeding from rectum. Hæmorrhoids.

Sleep.–Wakefulness and morbid vigilance with inordinately active, but weak circulation.

Relationship.–Compare: Ephedra-Teamsters Tea–(in exophthalmic goitre; eyes feel pushed out with tumultuous action of heart); Fucus; Spartein; Cratægus. Adrenaline 6x.

Dose.–First to thirtieth potency.