Manifests powerful influence over the pelvic organs, and is adapted to many reflex states dependent on some pathological condition of uterus and ovaries. More often indicated in unmarried women. The action of the heart is very marked. Pain in small spots (Oxal ac). Rheumatic arthritis.

Mind.–Tormented about her salvation. Consolation aggravates. Profound depression of spirits. Constant inclination to weep. Anxious; fears some organic and incurable disease. Disposed to curse, strike, think obscene things. Aimless, hurried manner; must keep busy.

Head.–Hot, dull, heavy. Faint in warm room. Wild feeling in head.

Eyes.–Hyperæsthesia of retina. Pain, extending back into head; lachrymation; and impaired vision. Myopic astigmia. Useful in restoring power to the weakened ciliary muscle (Arg nit).

Stomach.–Flatulent; nausea, with sensation of lump in stomach. Hungry; longs for meat. Thirsty, drinks often and much, and before severe symptoms.

Abdomen.–Abdomen sore, distended; trembling sensation in abdomen. Pressure downwards and backwards against rectum and anus; worse, standing; better, walking in open air. Bearing down in lower part of abdomen.

Urinary.–Frequent urging. Urine milky, scanty, hot.

Stool.–Constant desire to defecate, from pressure in rectum, worse standing. Pressure down the anus. Early-morning urgent stool. Dysentery; mucus and blood, with tenesmus, especially in plethoric and nervous women at change of life.

Heart.–Sensation as if heart were grasped in a vise (Cact). Feels full to bursting. Pulsations over whole body. Palpitation; irregular pulse; very rapid. Pain in cardiac region, with feeling of a load on chest. Cold feeling about heart. Suffocating feeling in a crowded and warm room. Angina pectoris with pain in right arm.

Female.–Menses early, scanty, dark, clotted, offensive; flow only when moving about. Bearing down sensation with urgent desire for stool, as though all organs would escape. Ceases when resting (Sep; Lac c; Bell). Congestion of uterus, prolapse, and anteversion. Constant desire to support parts externally. Pain in ovaries and down thighs. Acrid, brown leucorrhœa; smarting in labia. Sexual instinct awakened. Bloated feeling in uterine region. Sub-involution. Pruritus pudendi.

Extremities.–Cannot walk on uneven ground. Pain in back and spine, with trembling, but oftener in front of a pressing-down character. Pricking in fingers. Pain in right arm and hip. Legs ache; cannot keep them still. Pain in ankle joint. Burning palms and soles.

Sleep.–Unrefreshing, with disagreeable dreams. Unable to sleep, with wild feeling in head.

Fever.–Great heat and lassitude in afternoon, with throbbing throughout body.

Modalities.–Worse consolation, warm room. Better, fresh air.

Relationship.–Compare: Cact; Helon; Murex; Sep; Plat; Pallad.

Antidote: Helon.

Dose.–The middle and higher potencies seem to have done best. Its curative action sometimes is slow in developing itself.