Lateral pharyngitis

Lateral pharyngitis

(Lymphodermal reaction phase) (Main remedy: Phosphor-Homaccord)

Phosphor-Homaccord 8-10 drops at 8 a.m., 12 noon and 4 p.m.

Apis-Homaccord 8-10 drops at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. possibly both preparations taken together 2-4-6 times daily. Lymphomyosot as alternating remedy.

Traumeel S ointment externally (compress applied to the throat). Injection therapy

Lymphomyosot with Phosphor-Homaccord, s.c., also loco dolenti, further, also Argentum nitricum-Injeel, Arum triphyllum lnjeel and Causticum-Injeel (forte) S intradermal over the painful tract.

Lachesis-Injeel (forte) S when located on the left side. Lycopodium-Injeel (forte) S when located on the right side. Traumeel S possibly blended in.

Echinacea compositum (forte) S and possibly Tonsilla compositum in cases of therapy resistance.