Drops Composition:

100 g cont.: Lamium album D4, Kreosotum D6, Geum urbanum D5, Aluminium oxydatum D12, Lapathum acutum D6, Platinum metallicum D12 10 g each; Alchemilla vulgaris D3, Natrium carbonicum D6, Asterias rubens D6, Hepar sulphuris kalinum D4, Acidum nitricum D6, Hydrastis canadensis D4, Daphne mezereum D4, Viola tricolor D4 5 g each. Contains 35 vol.-% alcohol.


Diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, e.g. leucorrhoea, acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis.


In general, 10 drops 3 times daily. In acute disorders, initially 10 drops every 15 minutes, over a period lasting up to two hours.

Package sizes:

Drop bottles containing 30 and 100 ml.

Pharmacological and clinical notes

Lamium album (white dead-nettle)

Fluor albus, haemoptysis, skin ulcerations. Kreosotum (beech tar creosote)

Catarrh of the mucosa with acrid secretions, e.g. in bronchitis (fetida), leucorrhoea, pruritus vulvae, eczema of the hands.

Geum urbanum (wood avens)

Fluor albus, conditions of exhaustion. Aluminium oxydatum (aluminium oxide)

Great debility and exhaustion as well as irritability, fluor albus, dryness of the mucosa and skin.

Lapathum acutum (broad-leaved dock) Climacteric disorders, hot flushes.

Platinum metallicum (platinum)

Menorrhagia, myomatous haemorrhages, pruritus vulvae, paresthesia. Natrium carbonicum (sodium carbonate)

Chronic catarrh of the mucosa, conditions of exhaustion, sprains of the joints (weakness of the ligaments), soreness between toes and fingers.

Asterias rubens (star fish)

Hyperaemia of the head, mastodynia, acne, skin ulcerations, precancerous state. Hepar sulphuris kalinum (potassium sulphide)

Suppurating catarrh of the mucosa, pustular eczema, otitis media, catarrh of the ear passages.

Acidum nitricum (nitric acid)

Action on the mucosa and skin, particularly of the transitional region between them (mouth, nose, urethra, vulva and anus); cutaneous eruptions, especially on the forehead at the hairline, chronic nephritis.

Hydrastis canadensis (golden seal)

Remedy for affections of the mucosa: thick, viscid, ropy, yellowish-white secretions from all mucous membranes, nose, paranasal sinuses, uterus, bladder, etc., stomatitis aphthosa, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, myomatous haemorrhages.

Daphne mezereum (daphne)

Herpes-like, irritating dermatosis, neuralgia with great sensitivity to cold air. Viola tricolor (pansy)

Lymphatism, exudative diathesis, scrofulosis, infantile facial eczema, impetiginous eczema, cystitis.

Based on the individual homoeopathic constituents of Lamioflur, therapeutical possibilities result for the treatment of diseases of the skin and mucous membranes with secretions of acrid, irritating,  pungent, malodorous secretions causing soreness, in particular in the region of the body orifices, e.g. fluor albus, erosio portionis, colpitis, pruritus vulvae et ani, cystitis and urethritis, rhinitis, sinusitis, glossitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, oesophagitis, gastritis anacida, fistular suppurations, eczema, dermatitis, dermatoses including crusta lactea; precancerous state and neoplasm phases.

In degenerative cases, an alternating prescription with Galium-HeelGalium_Heel (orally and i.m., s.c., i.v.) is to be recommended. The dosage is adjusted according to the disease, the clinical picture and the stage of the illness.