Juniper Berries

Catarrhal inflammation of kidneys. Dropsy, with suppression of urine. Old persons, with poor digestion and scanty secretion of urine. Chronic pyelitis.

Urinary.–Strangury; bloody, scanty urine, violet odor (Tereb). Weight in kidney region. Prostatic discharge. Renal hyperæmia (Eucalyptol).

Respiratory.–Cough with scanty, loaded urine.

Relationship.–Compare: Sabina; Juniperus Virginianus-Red Cedar–(Violent tenesmus vesical. Persistent dragging in back; hyperæmia of the kidneys; pyelitis and cystitis; dropsy of the aged with suppressed urine. Dysuria, burning, cutting pain in urethra when urinating. Constant urging apoplexy, convulsions, strangury, uterine hæmorrhage). Terebinthina.

Dose.–Best form is the infusion. One ounce to a pint of boiling water. Dose, one-half to two ounces, or tincture, one to ten drops.