Intestinal colic

Intestinal colic

Inflammation or Impregnation phase
Main remedy:Spascupreel
Secondary remedies:Atropinum compositum
Nux vomica-Homaccord
Phase remedy:Belladonna compositum

Intestinal colic

(Lymphodermal or neurodermal impregnation phase) (Main remedy: Spascupreel)

Calcoheel 1 tablet at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Spascupreel 1 tablet at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., in the case of pain in addition (possibly 1 suppository)

Atropinum compositum S 1 suppository several times daily Nux vomica-Homaccord 8-10 drops at 12 noon and 8 p.m.

possibly the above preparations taken together 2-4-6 times daily.

Viburcol has a soothing action (possibly 1 suppository 1/2 hourly, Lymphomyosot interposed at intervals (Iymphatism).

Injection therapy

Spascupreel, Atropinum compositum and Nux vomica-Homaccord alternating i.m., s.c.,

i.v. as well as possibly the progressive auto-sanguis therapy with Colon suis-Injeel and Glandula Iymphatica suis-Injeel, possibly also Glandula parathyreoidea suis-Injeel, Lymphomyosot (scrofulous glandular swelling), possibly with Tonsilla compositum and Mucosa compositum, possibly also Coenzyme compositum (enzyme functions), interposed Foeniculum-Injeel, Chamomilla-Injeel (forte) and  Colocynthis-Homaccord as mixed injection s.c., i.m.