A Combination of Sulphonated Hydrocarbons, a Fossil Product of Complex Structure found in Tyrol, supposed to be Fish Deposits, contains 10 % Sulphur.

Its action on skin, mucous membranes, and kidneys is prompt and useful. It is strongly antiparasitic; redness, pain and inflammation; decreases tension. Excellent in winter coughs of old people. Polyarthritis. Chronic rheumatism. Uric acid diathesis. Hay-fever. Chronic hives. Tuberculosis, aids nutrition. Alcoholism when nothing will stay on stomach.

Mind.–Irritable and depressed. Forgetful, lack of concentration.

Head.–Dull, aching; better cold, pressure. Dull frontal and supra-orbital headache; worse moving eyes, cold air; better, warmth.

Face.–Skin feels dry and itches. Acne on chin.

Throat.–Irritated; pain to ears; sore, dry, with hawking and expectoration.

Eyes.–Burn, red; worse, any change of temperature.

Nose.–Bland coryza; stuffed feeling; feels sore inside. Irresistible desire to sneeze.

Stomach.–Disagreeable taste, burning sensation, very thirsty. Nausea. Increased appetite.

Abdomen.–Disposition to soft, shapeless stools. Griping in umbilical and left hypogastric region. Early morning diarrhœa.

Urine.–Increased in quantity and frequency. Burning pain in meatus. Uric acid deposits.

Female.–Fullness in lower abdomen. Nausea at time of menses.

Respiratory.–Coryza; dry, teasing cough. Bronchiectasis and phthisis. Bronchitis, especially of the aged.

Skin.–Heat and irritation; itching. Scaly and itching eczema. Crops of boils. Pruritus of pregnancy. Psorisis, Acne, rosacea, erysipelas.

Extremities.–Lameness in right shoulder and right lower extremity.

Relationship.–Compare: Hepar; Calc; Silica; Sulph; Ars; Petrol.

Dose.–Lower potencies.

Externally, it is used as an ointment, with Lanoline 20 to 50 per cent; for chronic eczema and psoriasis, also acne rosacea and gouty joints. Chilblains, scabies. Rectal suppositories for senile prostate.