Can arise from various phases
Main remedy:Arnica-Heel
Secondary remedies:Traumeel
Hepar compositum
Nux vomica-Homaccord
Phase remedy:Depends on cause

Halitosis (foetor ex ore)

(Can arise from various phases)

Arnica-Heel or Traumeel S 8-10 drops or 1 tablet 3 times daily Injection therapy

Arnica-Injeel S or Traumeel S i.m., s.c., i.v.

Diphtherinum-Injeel (forte) for malodorous foetor ex ore, Mercurius solubilis- Hahnemanni-Injeel (forte S) for foetor in diseases of the mouth.

Mucosa compositum (regulates the functions of the intestinal tract).

See also under paradentosis, stomatitis, aphthae, gingivitis, ozaena, diphtheria, angina, etc.