Used homeopathically, dynamized Glycerine seems to act

deeply and long, building up tissue, hence of great use in marasmus, debility, mental and physical, diabetes, etc. It disturbs nutrition in its primary action, and, secondarily, seems to improve the general state of nutrition (Dr. Wm. B. Griggs).

Head.–Feels full, throbs; mentally confused. Severe headache two days be before menstruation. Occiput feels full.

Nose.–Stopped up, sneezing, irritating coryza. Sensation of crawling on mucous membrane. Post-nasal dripping.

Chest.–Hacking cough with sense of weakness. Chest seems full. Influenzal pneumonia.

Stomach.–Fermentation, burning in stomach and œsophagus.

Urinary.–Profuse and frequent urination. Increased specific gravity and sugar. Diabetes.

Female.–Profuse, long-lasting flow with bearing down heaviness in uterus. General sense of exhaustion.

Extremities.–Rheumatic pains of a remittent type. Feet painful and hot, feel enlarged.

Relationship.–Compare: Lactic acid; Gelsemium; Calc.

Dose.–Thirtieth and higher potencies. Pure Glycerine in teaspoonful doses, t.i.d, with lemon juice for pernicious anæmia.