Gingival abscesses*

Gingival abscesses*

Inflammation phase
Main remedy:Traumeel
Secondary remedies:Mercurius-Heel Belladonna-Homaccord
Phase remedy:Echinacea compositum

Gingival abscesses

(Mesenchymal reaction phase)

Traumeel S 1 tablet every 1-2 hours

Arnica-Heel for the development of sepsis, to be taken in alternation. Belladonna-Homaccord in incipient cases.

Osteoheel S and Cruroheel S (retarded fistulae).

Traumeel S ointment daily, later several times weekly, massaged into the pus pockets. Injection therapy

Staphisagria-Injeel (orally and i.m., s.c., i.v.) often effective rapidly, otherwise  Traumeel S daily i.v. or i.m., possibly as solvent ampoule for antibiotics in osteomyelitis.

Echinacea compositum (forte) S (possibly interchanged with Traumeel S for the development of sepsis). Pulpa dentis suis-Injeel or Tonsilla compositum (powerful stimulation of the defensive system), possibly also Dens suis-Injeel and Granuloma dentis-Injeel, possibly with Gingiva suis-Injeel as after-treatment i.m.