Impregnation phase
Main remedies:Gastricumeel and Duodenoheel
Secondary remedies:Spascupreel  Spigelia compositum
Phase remedies:Coenzyme compositum Mucosa compositum


(Entodermal impregnation phase) (Main remedy: Gastricumeel)

Gastricumeel (or Duodenoheel) with Spascupreel, Cardiacum-Heel and Bryaconeel (1 tablet each of all preparations to be taken every 1/4 hour until an improvement is observed).

Diarrheel S (intermediate remedy). Injection therapy

Bismutum subnitricum-Injeel (forte), Mandragora e radice siccato-Injeel especially for pain when seated, Dioscorea-Injeel (pain arising during meals), Argentum nitricum- Injeel (radiating pains) and Erigotheel, possibly also Injeel-Chol and Hepeel alternating or mixed i.v. for hepatic disorders.

Mucosa compositum (regulation of the gastro-intestinal function) once weekly i.m.,  s.c., i.d.

See also bacterial growth, disturbed, dyspepsia, meteorism, cholangitis, intestinal stasis, intestinal spasms, diverticulitis, dumping syndrome, duodenitis, nutritional disorders, pancreatitis, hepatitis, gastritis, gastro-enteritis, tenesmus, hiccoughs, appendicitis, peritonitis, constipation, intestinal colic, megacolon, liver damage, etc.