Squirting Cucumber

This is an invaluable remedy in violent vomiting and purging, especially if the evacuations are copious and watery. It is a very efficient remedy in certain forms of dropsy. Much yawning and stretching. Beriberi; choleraic conditions; urticaria and mental disorders coming on as a consequence of suppressed malaria. Irresistible desire to wander from home at night. Effects of damp weather.

Stomach.–Nausea and vomiting, with great weakness. Griping pains in bowels.

Stool.–Watery, copious, forceful. Squirting diarrhœa; frothy, olive green, with cutting in abdomen.

Extremities.–Sharp pains in fingers and thumbs, knees, toes, and instep. Gouty pain in great toes. Pain extends down extremities; pain in hip-joints with diarrhœa. Arthritic nodules.

Skin.–Smarts, stings, and burns. Dropsical. Urticaria from suppressed intermittent. Skin, orange color.

Fever.–Chill comes on with much yawning and stretching, lasting all through chill. Pain in extremities, darting into fingers and toes. Chills and fever, with spurting diarrhœa.

Modalities.–Worse, from exposure on damp ground.

Relationship.–Compare: Bry; Croton; Gambogia.

Dose.–Third to thirtieth potency. As a hydragogue cathartic to produce free discharge in dropsies, Elaterin 1-20 of a grain. Palliative only.