Muscular paralysis without impairing sensation and consciousness. Paralysis of respiratory muscles. Reflex action diminished. Debility of the aged (Baryta) and from loss of fluids. Catalepsy. Nervous debility. Trismus. Glycosuria with motor paralysis. Curare decreases the output of adrenaline. Vomiting of bile in cirrhosis of liver. Diabetes mellitus, 4th dilution (Dr. Barkhard).

Mind.–Indecision; no longer wishes to think, or act for herself.

Head.–Lancinating pains all over head. Head drawn backward. Falling out of hair. Brain feels full of fluid.

Eyes.–Sharp, stitching pains over right eye. Black spots before vision. Ptosis of right side.

Ears.–Noises; unbearable earache. Lancinating pains start from ears; extending down to legs. Swelling of lobes of ear.

Nose.–Ozæna. Tubercles on nose; fetid lumps of pus.

Face.–Facial and buccal paralysis. Tongue and mouth drawn. Red face. Tongue and mouth drawn to right.

Female.–Dysmenorrhœa. Menses too early, during menses, colic, headache, kidney pain. Leucorrhœa, thick, purulent, offensive.

Respiratory.–Threatened paralysis of respiration on falling asleep. Short breath. Short dry cough; provokes vomiting, followed by fainting. Chest sore to pressure. Very distressing dyspnœa.

Extremities.–Tired pain up and down spine. Arms weak, heavy. Cannot lift the fingers. Weakness of hands and fingers in pianists. Legs tremble; give way in walking. Debility; paralysis. Catalepsy. Favors development of corns. Reflexes lessened or abolished.

Skin.–Leprosy. Dirty-looking skin. Boils. Tubercles on nose. Liver spots. Blood oozes through. Itching.

Modalities.–Worse, dampness, cold weather, cold wind; 2 am; right side.

Relationship.–Compare: Cystisin (motor paralysis); Conium; Causticum; Crotalus; Nux. Curare antidotes Strychnin.

Dose.–Sixth to thirtieth potency.