Croton-oil Seed

Is a valuable remedy in diarrhœa, summer complaint, and skin affections. These may alternate with each other. Feels tight all over. It is one of the antidotes to Rhus poisoning, as is evident from its wide and intense action upon skin and mucous surface, causing both irritation and inflammation, with formation of vesicles and mucous discharges. Has elective affinity for skin of face and external genitals. Burning in the œsophagus.

Head.–Pressing pain in forehead, especially orbits.

Eyes.–Granular lids; pustules of cornea. Red and raw appearance. Feel drawn backward. Eruptions around eyes. Tensive pain above right orbit.

Stool.–Copious watery stools, with much urging; always forcibly shot out, with gurgling in intestines; worse, drinking the least quantity, or even while eating. Constant urging to stool, followed by sudden evacuation. Swashing sensation in intestines.

Urine.–Night urine foaming; dark orange color; turbid on standing; greasy particles floating on top. Day urine is pale, with white sediment.

Chest.–Drawing-pain through the left chest into the back. Asthma, with cough; cannot expand the chest. Nursing women; every suck the child gives produces pain from nipple back. Inflamed breasts. Cough; as soon as he touches the pillow must get up. Sensitive to deep breathing.

Skin.–Feels hide-bound. Intense itching; but scratching is painful. Pustular eruption, especially on face and genitals, with fearful itching, followed by painful burning. Vesicles; confluent oozing. Vesicular erysipelas, itching exceedingly. Herpes zoster; stinging, smarting pains of the eruption.

Modalities.–Worse, least food or drink; during summer; touch, night and morning, washing.

Relationship.–Compare: Momordica charantia-Hairy Mordica–(has marked drastic properties, producing colic, nausea, vomiting, cholera-like symptoms, abdomen seems full of fluid discharged explosively, thin, watery, yellow. Great thirst). Rhus; Anagallis; Anacard; Sepia.

Antidote: Ant tart.

Dose.–Sixth to thirtieth potency.