Colchicum compositum forte S

Colchicum compositum forte S

Injection solution Composition:

Colchicum compositum mite S

2.2 ml cont.: Colchicum autumnale D6, Conium maculatum D4, Galium aparine D4, Podophyllum peltatum D4, Hydrastis canadensis D4 22 µl each.

Colchicum compositum medium S

2.2 ml cont.: Colchicum autumnale D5, Conium maculatum D3, Galium aparine D3, Podophyllum peltatum D3, Hydrastis canadensis D3 22 µl each.

Colchicum compositum forte S

2.2 ml cont.: Colchicum autumnale D4, Conium maculatum D2, Galium aparine D2, Podophyllum peltatum D2, Hydrastis canadensis D3 22 µl each.


As pre-operative and post-operative auxiliary therapy in neoplasia. Contraindications:

Pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects:

None known.

Interactions with other medication:

None known.


Colchicum compositum mite/medium/forte S: In general, 1 ampoule i.m., s.c., i.d., if necessary i.v. (see package insert), 3-1 times weekly.

Package sizes:

Packs containing 5, 10, 50 and 100 ampoules of 2.2 ml.

Pharmacological and clinical notes

Colchicum autumnale (meadow saffron)

Adjuvant in neoplasm phases, anticarcinomatous action. Conium maculatum (spotted hemlock)

Glandular swellings, such as in scrofulous and cancerous conditions. Galium aperine (goosegrass)

Precancerous and neoplasm phases. Podophyllum peltatum (may-apple)

Anticarcinomatous action in neoplasm gastroenteritis, hepatopathy. Hydrastis canadensis (golden seal)

Remedy for affections of the mucosa: thick, viscous, ropy, yellowish-white secretions from all mucous membranes; increases tonicity in cachectic and marasmic conditions.

Based on the individual homoeopathic components of Colchicum compositum S, supporting therapeutic possibilities result for the treatment of neoplasia in any location, any stage and of any origin, starting, at first with subcutaneous injections of Colchicum compositum mite S. In distinct cases of cancer, post-operative and with marasmus as well as cachexia, for a few days, daily injections are given, possibly as mixed injections with Aqua Daun D2 and cAMP in the various individual potencies. After about five injections, one injection of Colchicum compositum medium S is interposed, possibly mixed with Galium-Heel. Then it is possible to revert to Colchicum compositum mite S,

1 ampoule every two days. According to the patient’s state of health, also interim injections of Colchicum compositum forte S can then be administered. In this connection it must always be ensured that the medicament is well tolerated.

According to the tolerance in each case of the individual preparation Colchicum compositum S in the various degrees of concentration, and according to the mixed injections administered with various Heel biotherapeutics (Pulsatilla compositum, Ginseng compositum, Viscum compositum, Echinacea compositum S, Aqua Daun, cAMP, Nosodes, Traumeel S, Engystol N, Lymphomyosot, Psorinoheel, Hepeel, Veratrum-Homaccord, Cerebrum compositum), the procedure should be adapted individually according to the patient’s condition.