Inflammation or Deposition phase
Main remedy:Oculoheel
Secondary remedies:Traumeel Cruroheel
Phase remedies:Echinacea compositum Galium-Heel Lymphomyosot
Coenzyme compositum (chronic) Ubichinon compositum (chronic)

Chalazion, hordeolum

(Ectodermal reaction or deposition phase)

Oculoheel 3 times daily 1 tablet, possibly with Traumeel S tablets (taken simultaneously) Graphites-Homaccord (accompanying blepharitis) Cruroheel S (chronically recurrent cases) Traumeel S ointment externally

Injection therapy

Traumeel S i.m. with Staphisagria-Injeel (forte S) once to twice weekly, Hepar sulfuris- Injeel (forte), possibly with Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni-Injeel (forte S) i.v., i.m., in chronic cases Graphites-Injeel or Graphites-Homaccord (chronic blepharitis).

Echinacea compositum S (alternating remedy for inflammation and suppuration), possibly Mucosa compositum (remedy for affections of the mucous membranes).

Staphylococcus-Injeel (forte), in serious cases also Streptococcus haemolyticus-Injeel (forte) and Pyrogenium-Injeel (forte) i.m., s.c., i.d., i.v., also the progressive auto- sanguis therapy with Adeps suillus-Injeel (forte).