Cervical headache

Cervical headache

Inflammation phase
Main remedy:Gelsemium-Homaccord
Secondary remedies:Spigelon
Cimicifuga-Homaccord Rheuma-Heel
Phase remedy:Traumeel

Cervical migraine

(Mesenchymal deposition or neurodermal impregnation phase) (Main remedies: Gelsemium-Homaccord, Spigelon)

Gelsemium-Homaccord at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. 8-10 drops and in the case of pain (attacks) several times every 5 min. in massive

initial-dose therapy.

Colocynthis-Homaccord at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., 8-10 drops

Cimicifuga-Homaccord at 12 noon and 8 p.m., 8-10 drops possibly the above preparations taken together 2-4-6 times daily. Osteoheel S as alternating remedy.

Spigelon drops as alternating remedy, possibly also in addition.

Spascupreel as alternating remedy as well as in addition in the case of pain, several times, 1 tablet or 1 suppository.

Galium-Heel in the case of pronounced degenerative symptoms of the cervical vertebrae, as alternating remedy.

China-Homaccord S at intervals and as alternating remedy for signs of exhaustion (usually present).

Aletris-Heel (therapeutic agent in massive initial-dose therapy in conditions of exhaustion), Arsuraneel for chronic cases and nightly headaches.

Injection therapy

Spigelon, Neuralgo-Rheum-Injeel and Spascupreel, possibly also Traumeel S or Zeel  P and Engystol N with the above mentioned Homaccords, alternating or mixed i.m., s.c., i.d., i.v.

Discus compositum (spinal irritation), Ovarium compositum (for women) or Testis compositum (for men) as intermediate remedy.

Acidum formicicum-Injeel (forte) or D200 as alternative remedy for  neuralgic affections.

Penicillin-Injeel (forte) or Sulfonamid-Injeel (forte), Tetracyclin-Injeel (forte), Chloramphenicol-Injeel, Aminopyrin-Injeel (forte), Streptomycin-Injeel (forte), Sulfaguanidin-Injeel after therapeutical damage of the relevant kind .

Euphorbium compositum S injection solution (Sinusitis as causal focus), possibly also Coenzyme compositum ampoules and Ubichinon compositum (disturbed enzyme functions), possibly also the collective pack of Catalysts of the citric acid cycle (according to prescription).

Histamin-Injeel (forte) generally as antihomotoxic agent, Grippe Nosode-Injeel, interpolated.