Calcium Sulphuricum – Calcium Sulphate

Calcium Sulphuricum – Calcium Sulphate

The attenuations are prepared from Calcium sulphate, Ca SO4 · 2 H2O, MW: 172.2.

The main indications are:

Purulent conditions of connective tissue. Cystic acne. Chronic sinuses. Chronic tonsillitis. Keratitis and conjunctivitis with discharge. (Specific).

Calcium Sulphuricum is close to Hepar Sulphuris, but has a deeper action on fes- tering processes, especially after these have discharged.

The German Monograph-Preparation Commission for the Homoeopathic Field of Therapy has, under the Preparation Monograph for Calcium sulphuricum, published the following indication(s) in the German Bundesanzeiger (German Federal Gazette) for calcium sulphuricum: suppuration of cutaneous and subcutaneous tis- sue, accompanied by a tendency to develop fistulas; chronic mucosal suppuration.