Burns, minor

Burns, minor

Inflammation phase
Main remedy:Causticum compositum
Secondary remedy:Arnica-Heel
Phase remedy:Traumeel


(Ectodermal or mesenchymal degeneration phase) Causticum compositum 10 drops every 15 min.

Traumeel S 8-10 drops every 1/4 of an hour, possibly alternating with Arnica-Heel. Traumeel S ointment locally.

Injection therapy

Traumeel S i.v., mixed with Causticum compositum or Causticum-lnjeel (forte). Possibly cardiac tonics such as Glonoin-Homaccord (sunstroke), Convallaria majalis- Injeel forte, etc.

Echinacea compositum (forte) S (antitoxic effect)

Cutis compositum for after-treatment (possibly also immediately s.c.)