Borate of Sodium

Gastro-intestinal irritation. Salivation, nausea, vomiting, colic, diarrhœa, collapse, albuminuria, casts and vesical spasm. Delirium, visual changes, hæmaturia, and skin eruptions have all been observed from over-dosing.

Dread of downward motion in nearly all complaints. For homeopathic purposes, the peculiar nervous symptoms are very characteristic, and have frequently been verified, especially in the therapeutics of children. Of much value in epilepsy. Aphthous ulceration of mucous membranes.

Mind.–Extreme anxiety, especially from motions which have a downward direction, rocking, being carried downstairs, laid down. Anxious expression of face during the downward motions, starts and throws up hands on laying patient down, as if afraid of falling. Excessively nervous; easily frightened. Sensitive to sudden noises. Violent fright from report of a gun, even at a distance. Fear of thunder.

Head.–Aches, with nausea and trembling of whole body. Hair tangled at tips, cannot be separated, as in Plica Polonica (Vinca min).

Eyes.–Lashes turn inward. Visions of bright waves. Eyelids inflamed, lids cut against eyeball. Entropium.

Ears.–Very sensitive to slightest noise; not so much disturbed by louder ones.

Nose.–Red nose, of young women (Nat carb). Red and shining swelling, with throbbing and tensive sensation. Tip swollen and ulcerated. Dry crusts.

Face.–Pale, earthy, with suffering expression. Swollen, with pimples on nose and lips. Feeling of cobwebs.

Mouth.–Aphthæ. White fungous like growth. Mouth hot and tender; ulcers bleed on touch and eating. Painful gumboil. Crying when nursing. Taste bitter (Bry; Puls; Cup). Taste of “cellar mould”.

Stomach and Abdomen.–Distention after eating; vomiting. Gastralgia, depending upon uterine disturbance. Pain as if diarrhœa would result.

Stool.–Loose, pappy, offensive stools in children. Diarrhœa, offensive, preceded by colic; stools mucous, with aphthous sore mouth.

Urine.–Hot, smarting pain in orifice. Pungent smell. Child afraid to urinate, screams before urinating (Sarsap). Small red particles on diaper.

Female.–Labor pains with frequent eructations. Galactorrhœa (Cal; Con; Bell). In nursing, pain in opposite breast. Leucorrhœa like white of eggs, with sensation as if warm water was flowing. Menses too soon, profuse, with griping, nausea and pain in stomach extending into small of back. Membranous dysmenorrhœa. Sterility. Favors easy conception. Sensation of distention in clitoris with sticking. Pruritus of vulva and eczema.

Respiratory.–Hacking and violent cough; expectoration, moldy taste and smell. Stitches in chest, with inspiration and cough. Cough with moldy taste-breath smells moldy. Pleurodynia; worse upper part of right chest. Arrest of breathing when lying; is obliged to jump and catch breath, which causes pain in right side. Out of breath on going up stairs.

Extremities.–Feeling as of cobwebs on hands. Itching on back of finger-joints and hands. Throbbing pain in tip of thumb. Stitches in sole. Pain in heel. Burning pain in great toe; inflammation of balls of toes. Eczema of toes and fingers with loss of nails.

Skin.–Psoriasis. Erysipelas in face. Itching on back of finger-joints. Unhealthy skin; slight injuries suppurate. Herpes (Rhus). Erysipelatous inflammation with swelling and tension. Chilblains relieved in open air. Trade eruptions on fingers and hands, itching and stinging. Ends of hair become tangled.

Sleep.–Voluptuous dreams. Cannot sleep on account of heat, especially in head. Cries out of sleep as if frightened (Bell).

Modalities.–Worse, downward motion, noise, smoking, warm weather, after menses. Better, pressure, evening, cold weather.

Relationship.–Acetic acid, vinegar, and wine are incompatible.

Antidote: Cham; Coffea.

Compare: Calc; Bryon; Sanicula; Sulph ac.

Dose.–First to third trituration. In skin diseases continue its use for several weeks. Locally, in pruritus pudendi. A piece of borax, the size of a pea, dissolved in the mouth, acts magically in restoring the voice, in cases of sudden hoarseness brought on by cold, and frequently for an hour or so, it renders the voice silvery and clear.