Bacterium Coli – Coli-Bacillinum Nosode

Bacterium Coli – Coli-Bacillinum Nosode

The attenuations of this nosode are prepared from a sterilized suspension in iso- tonic sodium chloride solution containing 107CFU/g of Escherichia coli.

Tiredness. Easy physical and mental exhaustion. Mistakes in use of words. Loss of memory for most recent events. Fearfulness and indecision, frequently linked with flatulent distension. Shivering after meals. Tongue coated whitish-yellow with a red streak down the centre. May also be given for urinary tenesmus and dark-coloured, offensive urine. Aggravated by damp cold. Julian referts to good results in salpingi- tis, cystitis, renal calculi, cholangitis and in depressive psychoses.

May also be used intercurrently in chronic pelvic inflammation.

It is especially indicated after antibiotics and in damage caused by antibiotics. The drug picture of Coli-Bacillinum was composed in May 1995 by David Riley,

M.D., Santa Fe (New Mexico), USA.

The most important symptoms from David Riley’s drug proving were:

Essential Characteristics

This remedy had bloody discharges from the nose, the vagina, and on the stool.

Mental dullness. Increased physical energy. Pressing head pains. Eruptions on the face. Diminished appetite. Nausea. Increased flatus. Frequent urination. Soreness in the extremities.


DULLNESS especially in the morning on waking. Confusion, worse in the morning. Lack of self confidence. Fears, particularly in narrow place or undertaking anything

new. Anxiety while driving. Critical and complaining about others or himself. Active concentration. Delusions he is poor. DREAMS that are remembered, vivid and colored, or of adventure. Dwelling on past relationships Feeling alone and isolated. Giggling and laughing at silly things. Loquacity. Indifferent. Irritable to the family or love for the family. Procrastinating. Relaxed. Thoughts that are clear or persistent. Mild and tranquil.


INCREASED ENERGY. Sensation of strength. Desires and aversions for sweets and coffee. Desires for citrus fruit or fish. Aversion to cheese. Lack of vital heat but ameliorated from warmth. Chilliness. Better when becoming warm. Sense of physi- cal strength or physical relaxation.


Vertigo with nausea, vertigo ameliorated by closing the eyes.


Heaviness in the forehead. Sensation of heat in the head worse in the afternoon. Tingling in the occiput. Sharp pain on the left side. Dull pains felt in the forehead, temples, and vertex. Forehead pains behind the eyes. PRESSING HEAD PAIN as if by a band or from a weight in the temples, vertex, or occiput.


Discharge of mucus from the eye. Allergy symptoms of itching and lachrymation improve. Photophobia.


Changes in color vision. Acute vision. Objects seem nearer.


Aching pain in the left ear. Stopped and clogged sensation in the ear as if pressur- ized and better from blowing the nose.


Impaired hearing with confusion of sounds of words. Clogged or pressurized sen- sation makes sounds seem distant.


Nasal congestion. Burning pain in the nose, worse on inhalation. Discharge of green mucus. Bloody discharge from one side on blowing the nose. Post nasal drip that is yellow or in the morning. Pain that is burning on inhalation. Sore pain inside the nose extending from the sore throat. Sneezing.


ERUPTIONS. Boils in the nose. Pimples on the nose, chin, and cheek. Dryness of the cheeks and lips. Flushes of heat in the afternoon. Itching on the jaw bone. Swelling around the eyes and forehead. Tingling of the mouth and jaw.


White coating on the tongue. Dry sensation even with a moist mouth.


Bitter, chalky taste in the mouth. Metallic taste in the mouth.


Painful, sore molars on the left and right. Molars very sensitive to cold.


Mucus in the throat. Swelling in the cervical glands. Raw and sore pain causing throat clearing that is worse on talking. Scratching pain. Tingling sensation.


APPETITE IS DIMINISHED or increased. Eructations. Gurgling. NAUSEA: worse in the afternoon and evening, worse after eating. associated with heart palpitations, with throat spasms, during vertigo, or on waking. Burning stomach pain ameliorated by lying down. Rumbling. Thirstlessness.


Distention in the hypogastrium. Flatulence. Rumbling. Cramping pain in the di- aphragm or with diarrhea.


INCREASED FLATUS without odor. Constipation with difficult stool. Itching. Urging before stool.


Spots of blood in the stools. Frequent but normal. Orange color to the stools. Stools in small, hard pieces. Loose. Urging even after stool


Frequent urination. Tenderness in the bladder.


Urine smells moldy. Copious amount.

Genitalia, Female

Bloody vaginal discharge prior to menses onset. Crampy pelvic pain. Increased sexual desire. Frequent menses or 8 days early and with brown blood. Cramping during the menses. Increased sexual desire.


Breast soreness and tenderness worse during menses improves. Palpitations in the morning on waking.


Achy or cramping pain in the back worse in the cervical region. Soreness in the spine or lumbar regions.


Intense itching of the lower limbs, particularly the bottom of the right foot. Hot, swelling of the feet. Pain and soreness of the hips and finger joints especially in the morning. Aching in the hip, patella, wrist, and forearm.


Restless sleep interrupted with frequent changing of position. Sleep unrefreshed. Difficult falling asleep or difficult waking improves.


Dry skin. ERUPTIONS of painful boils or in patches. Pimples. Itching unrelieved by scratching.