Common Oat

Has a selective action on brain and nervous system, favorably influencing their nutritive function.

Nervous exhaustion, sexual debility, and the morphine habit call for this remedy in rather material dosage. Best tonic for debility after exhausting diseases. Nerve tremors of the aged; chorea, paralysis agitans, epilepsy. Post-diphtheritic paralysis. Rheumatism of heart. Colds. Acute coryza (20 drop doses in hot water hourly for a few doses). Alcoholism. Sleeplessness, especially of alcoholics. Bad effects of Morphine habit. Nervous states of many female troubles.

Mind.–Inability to keep mind on any one subject.

Head.–Nervous headache at menstrual period, with burning at top of head. Occipital headache, with phosphatic urine.

Female.–Amenorrhœa and dysmenorrhœa, with weak circulation.

Male.–Spermatorrhœa; impotency; after too much indulgence.

Extremities.–Numbness of limbs, as if paralyzed. Strength of hand diminished.

Relationship.–Compare: Alfalfa (General tonic similar to avena-also in scanty and suppressed urine).

Dose.–Tincture ten to twenty drop doses, preferably in hot water.