Argentum Nitricum – Silver Nitrate

Argentum Nitricum – Silver Nitrate

The attenuations are prepared from Silver nitrate, AgNO3, MW: 161.9.

Silver Nitrate, also known as “lunar caustic”, is  the  medicine  with  which  every civilised person unavoidably becomes acquainted at the beginning of his     or her extra-uterine existence, for, as a part of the Crede prophylaxis, every new- born child has one drop of a 1% solution (formerly 2%) introduced into the eye-tis- sue.

Whereas in orthodox medicine Argentum Nitricum is used primarily as an astrin- gent, a disinfectant and a caustic, in homoeopathy it is an important polychrest, dis- tinguished by its extensive range of healing action. Many types of orthodox treat- ment with this substance, e.g. cauterisation of excess tissue, astringeing of the mu- cosum in duodenal ulcer as part of the Roll treatment, may, when effective, be seen as unintentional homoeopathy. Of course, the dilutions used in these procedures cor- respond to the homoeopathic low potencies in common use. Furthermore, an addi- tional resorptive effect is always to be reckoned within external use. In tabes dorsalis

there is also an oral indication for Argentum Nitricum tablets which were formerly much used.

Argentum Nitricum in homoeopathic potency has obvious effects on the autonom- ic nervous system, and vagotonous conditions in particular derive benefit from it. However, irritations too, eg. lancinating pains in tabes are alleviated or removed by Argentum Nitricum. Radiating pains are typical, especially stomach pains extending up into the chest cavity and mimicking angina pectoris. Frequently there is also dis- tension of the abdomen – part of the gastro-cardiac symptom-complex, ameliorated by loud, explosive eructations, as can also be the case with Phosphorus and Asafoeti- da.

The Argentum Nitricum patient is anxious and restless, exhibiting many features of neurasthenia, and is very concerned about his state of health. Argentum Nitricum patients furthermore have cravings for sweets, especially sugar. Diarrhoea easily oc- curs from excitement, and all symptoms, especially gastric ones, are aggravated by becoming flustered. The typical Argentum Nitricum headache is ameliorated by hav- ing a cloth firmly bound around the head. Vertigo also occurs, accompanied by gen- eral weakness and trembling, also tinnitus, such as one finds in Ménière’s syndrome. Argentum Nitricum is indicated in hoarseness of singers, with roughness and scratching in the throat and a sensation as of a splinter lodged in the throat; also in polyps of the vocal cords. Tiredness in the lower legs, calves and lower arms are likewise typical. Argentum Nitricum is indicated in epilepsy, when the pupils are en- larged for hours or days before the attack. In this area it is only seldom that one will be able to expect a full and final cure; however, distinct improvements can often be achieved, e.g. in the frequency and violence of the attacks. It must also be mentioned that in such it is absolutely necessary to maintain a diet which is strictly free of su- toxins.

Let us sum up the most important symptoms of Argentum Nitricum:

  1. Distension in the upper abdomen, gastro-cardiac symptom-complex, ameliora- tion from eructations.
  2. Spluttering diarrhoea, flecked, green, mucoid stools like chopped spinach.
  3. Headache, ameliorated by tight binding of the head.
  4. Catarrh and hoarseness of singers, speakers, teachers etc. after over-exertion of the voice. Sensation of a splinter in the throat. Catarrh of the pharynx, ears and conjunctiva.
  5. States of weakness and exhaustion, primarily in the calves and lower arms.
  6. Lancinating pains in tabes-sufferers.
  7. Gastric crises.
  8. Epilepsy with mydriasis a few days before the attack.
  9. Agoraphobia, neurasthenia, restlessness and worry. Diarrhoea from excitement, stage-fright, vertigo. Romberg’s sign is positive.
  10. Bleeding gastric ulcers. (Use high potencies!)

The German Monograph-Preparation Commission for the Homoeopathic Field of Therapy has, under the Preparation Monograph for Argentum nitricum, published the following indication(s) in the German Bundesanzeiger (German Federal

Gazette) for argentum nitricum: psychosomatic disorders of the alimentary tract; migraine.