Aranea Diadema – Diadem Spider

Aranea Diadema – Diadem Spider

The mother tincture is prepared from the Diadem spider, Araneus diadematus Clerck. N.O. Araneidae.

Lack of vital heat. Chilliness. All complaints aggravated by wet and cold. Neural- gia of the upper jaw at night. Feeling as of ice in the bones. Hydrogenoid constitu- tion. Pain in the heels. Haemorrhagic tendency. Colitis with bleeding.

Also characteristic of this remedy are intermittently occurring fevers, the fever ex- pressing itself almost exclusively as a chill, followed only seldom by heat and never by sweat. Aranea is indicated in numerous complaints associated with impregnation phases, especially in the neurodermal area (nervous system), such as the feeling of great relaxation, tiredness and faintness with very restless sleep and frequent wak- ing, and possible delusions of the lower arm and hands being larger and heavier than usual. There may also be a painful burrowing and drawing in the spinal nerves, with headache and a feeling of heaviness in the head. There is also the sensation as if the eyes were trembling, and there may be tremors in the upper arm. Aranea is also said to be indicated in malarial cachexia, with considerable enlargement of the spleen.

The German Monograph-Preparation Commission for the Homoeopathic Field of Therapy has, under the Preparation Monograph for Araneus diadematus, published the following indication(s) in the German Bundesanzeiger (German Federal Gazette) for aranea diadema: abnormal blood pressure; periodically occurring neu- ralgia; intermittent episodes of fever; Parkinson’s disease; paralgesia; painful artic- ular disease.

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