1 ampoule of 1.1 ml (1.1 g) contains: Apis mellifica D4, Apis mellifica D10, Apis melli- fica D30, Apis mellifica D200, Apis mellifica D1000 1.1 mg each; Apisinum D8, Apisi- num D30, Scilla D4, Scilla D10, Scilla D30 2.75 mg each; Kalium stibyltartaricum D4, Kalium stibyltartaricum D10, Kalium stibyltartaricum D30, Kalium stibyltartaricum D200 4.4 mg each.


Edema. Pustular and bullous eczema, cerebral irritability.

Contraindications: None known.

Side effects: Hypersensitivity reactions (or even anaphylactic reactions) may occur in isolated instances on the i.v. administration of foreign proteins in a concentration higher than D10.

Interaction with other medications: None known.


See chapter Dosage of Heel Medications in Veterinary Medicine, p. 17–20.

Package sizes:

Packs containing 10 or 50 ampoules of 1.1 ml each.