Amyl Nitrite

On inhaling this drug, it rapidly dilates all arterioles an capillaries, producing flushings of face, heat, and throbbing in the head.–Superficial arterial hyperæmia. Palpitation of the heart and similar conditions are readily cured by it, especially the flushings and other discomforts at climacteric. Hiccough and yawning. Often relieves temporarily epileptic convulsions. Seasickness.

Head.–Anxiety, as if something might happen; must have fresh airSurging of blood to head and face; sensation as if blood would start through skin, with heat and redness. Flushings, followed by sweat at climacteric. Ears hyperæmic. Throbbing.

Throat.–Constriction; collar seems too tight.

Chest.–Dyspnœa and asthmatic feelings. Great oppression and fullness of chest; spasmodic, suffocative cough. Præcordial anxiety. Tumultuous action of heart. Pain and constriction around heart. Fluttering at slightest excitement.

Female.–After-pains; hæmorrhage associated with facial flushing. Climacteric headache and flushes of heat, with anxiety and palpitation.

Fever.–Much flushing of heat; sometimes followed by cold and clammy skin and profuse sweat. Throbbing throughout whole body. Abnormal sweat after influenza.

Extremities.–Constant stretching for hours. Veins of hands dilated; pulsations felt in tips of fingers.

Relationship.–Compare: Glonoine; Lachesis.

Antidotes: Cactus; Strychn; Ergot.

Dose.–Third potency.

For palliations. In all conditions where the blood-vessels are spasmodically contracted, as in angina pectoris, epileptic seizure, megrim, accompanied by cold, pallor, etc, also in paroxysms of asthma, chloroform asphyxia, inhalation of the Amyl nit will give immediate relief. For this non-homeopathic application, two to five minims (put up in pearls) dropped on a handkerchief and inhaled may be required.