Hydrate of Ammonia-Ammonia Water

This is a powerful cardiac stimulant. As such in syncope, thrombosis, hćmorrhage, snake-bites, chloroform narcosis, may be given by inhalation.

The śdema and ulceration of mucous membranes produced by this powerful drug have been utilized as guiding symptoms for its use; hence in membranous croup with burning in śsophagus. Aphonia. See Causticum.

Respiratory.–Difficult respiration. Accumulation of mucus with incessant coughing. Loss of voice. Burning rawness in throat. Spasm of the glottis with suffocation; patient gasps for breath. Pain in śsophagus on breathing deeply. Scraping and burning in throat and śsophagus. Uvula covered with white mucus. Nasal diphtheria, with burning excoriating discharge.

Extremities.–Excessive exhaustion and muscular debility. Rheumatism of shoulders. Skin hot and dry.

Dose.–First to third potency; also five to ten minims, well diluted with water.