Gum Ammoniac

A remedy for the aged and feeble, especially in chronic bronchitis. Ill humor. Sensitive to cold. Sensation of burning and scratching in neck and ├║sophagus.

Head.–Catarrhal headache due to closure of frontal sinuses.

Eyes.–Dim sight. Stars and fiery points float before eyes. Easily fatigued from reading.

Throat.–Throat dry; worse inhaling fresh air. Full feeling, burning and scraping sensation. Immediately after eating, sensation as if something stuck in ├║sophagus, causing swallowing.

Respiratory.–Difficult breathing. Chronic bronchial catarrh. Large accumulation of purulent matter and feeble expectoration; worse cold weather. Mucus tough and hard. Heart beats stronger, extends to pit of stomach. Coarse rattling of chest in old people.

Relationship.–Antidotes: Bry; Arnica.

Compare: Senega; Tart emet; Balsam Peru.

Dose.–Third trituration.